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Which Bathmate Fits Me Best?

Which Bathmate

Which Bathmate fits me? While there are many different types of Bathmate Hydromax pumps, you should be more focused on identifying the pump that fits your penis best if at all you want great results.

1. Hercules – if you would like to enjoy the benefits that Bathmate Hydromax pumps provide at a cheaper cost, then you should probably consider ordering a Hercules today. Besides being highly effective, it is cost-efficient.

2. Goliath – The Goliath variant is the bigger version of the Hercules. However, it is specially designed to fit the endowed men. The device is provided with a protective casing and a casing for easier storage.

3. The Hydromax X30/Hydromax X40 – if you want a bigger bang for your buck, then you should definitely consider the X-series set of pumps. The latch-valve system incorporate helps make the filling process super easy. The newly introduced comfort pad boosts comfort for users. With these new pumps, you can expect 35% more suction power than the older models, which is actually quite impressive if your goal is quick results.

4. The Xtreme X30/Xtreme X40 – The Xtreme variants are the ultimate when it comes to Bathmate penis pump technology. From these models, you can expect the power delivered by the X-series models and so much more. The Xtreme pumps are sold together with handball pumps for easier pumping and more power. The support strap sold together with this model also comes in handy during single hand use. Additional items provided with the pump include protective casing, comfort pad, and more.

Which Bathmate fits me?

Choosing the appropriate Bathmate or Hydromax pump is critical for any man wishing to maximize gains. The manufacturer has designed and produced different penis pump size, meaning everyone is accommodated regardless of penis size. To find out which one fits you best, do not hesitate to visit the official Hydromax site.