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Which Bathmate Works Best – Size And Model Considerations

Which Bathmate Works Best

Have you ever wondered why Bathmate is so popular? There are two reasons to explain this. The device works and is simple to use, unlike numerous other penis pumps sold in the market. Bathmate can successfully help you make your penis thicker and longer. Since there is a wide range of Bathmate hydro pumps, you must be wondering which Bathmate works best. To discover which one is best, you should determine your needs first of all.

To maximize the results you want to get, choose a Bathmate device that fits you. Bathmate has different sizes of penis pumps that are meant to accommodate everyone regardless of size.

1. 7.5 inches and below – The Hydromax X30, Hercules, and X30 Xtreme are all pump models that will work well for you.
2. 7.5-9 inches – Two models will be perfect for you if you fall into this category. They include the Xtreme X40 and the X40, which are suitable for men with erect penises measuring 7.5 inches in girth and 9 inches in length.
3. More than 9 inches – if your penis is already big and you are seeking MASSIVE gains, the Goliath will suit your just right. This penis pump was designed for men with penises that are 9 inches or longer when fully erect.

The Model Differences

Apart from the differences in sizes, the Bathmate penis pump models also vary. Once you have determined the size that suits you best, you may choose from two to three Bathmate models. Below are some of the differences that will help you figure out which one best suits you.

1. HerculesThe Hercules was the first to be launched into the market by Bathmate. Apart from being a cost-effective variant, you can comfortably use it while showering or bathing.

2. GoliathGoliath is the big brother of Hercules. This penis pump is designed especially for the larger men. It is sold together with a comfort strap and protective casing.

3. The Hydromax X30/X40 – The Hydromax line of pumps are meant for people looking for more value for money. For instance, the device incorporates a latch valve that makes filling up even easier. It is additionally provided with a comfort pad for increased comfort. It is worth noting that the Hydromax X30 and Hydromax X40 are capable of producing 30% more power due to the improvements made to the devices.

4. The X30 Xtreme/X40 Xtreme – These are classified as the ultimate penis pumps in the line of Bathmate pumps considering they come with attractive additional features. They have all the additional power provided by the X30 and X40 models together with a hand ball pump. This means these devices can be used in the bath or shower. A comfort strap, a comfort pad, support strap and man more are provided in the package.

If you are comparing Bathmate penis pumps and wondering which Bathmate works best, then the Hydromax Xtreme-Series is worth considering if you are willing to spend slightly more for all the attractive additional features. Despite this, you should pick a penis pump depending on your penis size. This is a sure-fire way of getting quicker results.

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