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Bathmate What Size Should I Get

Bathmate What Size Should I Get

Bathmate what size should I get? This is quite a common question asked by prospective users. Knowing the right size of penis pump to buy or which size to upgrade to is not such a difficult thing to determine. Most users will actually know when the time is right to upgrade to a bigger Bathmate penis pump due to continuous growth experienced. If you notice marks around your penis that show signs of constriction, then it is time to upgrade to a bigger Bathmate hydro pump. Below is a useful guide that will show you how to select when upgrading your penis pump.

Beginners of Average Size

For any newbie with an average sized penis measuring 5 to 6.5 inches, the Bathmate Hydromax X30 or the Bathmate Hercules is recommended. Even though these pumps are of standard sizes, the X30 produces more suction force and delivers more impressive results. Nevertheless, this does not mean the Hercules is less appropriate. It is a superb pump that can be bought at a cheaper price. The Bathmate X30 Xtreme variant is also available, but this is not recommended for beginners. Even though it produces more suction force, the X30 still delivers sufficient power for a beginner.

Intermediate Users (Average or Above)

For the men with bigger penises measuring 7.5-8.5 inches long the X40 Xtreme or the X40 models are recommended. These models can meet the needs of the bigger guys who are still looking for bigger penis gains. The Xtreme variant comes with an airball pump that is designed to enhance suction levels. However, while using the Xtreme variants, you need to be careful not to over-pump or develop fluid build-up.

Moreover, if you notice this pump is suddenly feels a little tight around your groin, then consider upgrading to the biggest pumps in the Bathmate range of penis hydro pumps. If your penis measures 8.5 inches or longer, you can upgrade to yet another model as indicated below.


The Goliath is the biggest among the Bathmate hydro pumps. Since it is really big, only few men purchase it. Moreover, you can also buy it if you notice you have grown a really big penis and the smaller hydro pumps are not useful anymore. In fact, you may consider it if you have got a role in a porn flick as most women may find it quite challenging to sleep with you due to your massive size.

Since there is no larger penis pump bigger than the Goliath, it is suggested that you perform a maintenance pumping routine using the Bathmate Goliath at least three times every week to maintain any size gains you have made.

To realize girth and length gains, it is very important that you choose the ideal size of Bathmate hydro pumps. A poorly fitting pump may not work as desired. So, choose one that fits you properly and you will no doubt be amazed by the results achieved. Hopefully this guide answers your question: Bathmate what size should I get? Choose a suitable Bathmate hydro pump for your penis for optimal results.