Do Penis Enlargement Exercises Work?

Do Penis Enlargement Exercises Work

Most would tell you that penis enlargement should only be done by those who have a really small penis, especially for those who are suffering from a condition known as “micropenis.” However, we have to admit that a lot of men would actually want to have a bigger penis, and even just an additional 5 inches in length would be great.

The good thing is you can improve your penis size naturally. Penis enlargement exercises are one of the few things that some men would suggest, but the question is, does it really work? Let’s find out!

Do Penis Exercises Really Work?

There are a lot of techniques out there, and each of them claims that they could actually increase your penis length. In fact, one of the most common exercise techniques is known as “jelqing,” which is also referred to as “milking.” The good thing about this exercise is that there’s no need to take any supplements or undergo the knife. It’s a penis enhancement method that doesn’t only increase the length, but the girth of the penis as well. Jelqing works in a way where the blood flow to the penis is stimulated, and the soft tissues are encouraged to expand, resulting in a firmer erection.

In order to perform this technique, all you have to do is rapidly pull the penis, and you’ll notice some improvement in your length after a couple of sessions. This exercise should be done when the penis is either half erect or flaccid, and experts recommend performing this for 20-30 times before proceeding to 50 repetitions per session over several weeks. Those who have done this exercise claims that they actually noticed an improvement not only in their penis size, but overall stamina as well.

The Use of Vacuum Pump

Vacuum pumps, such as Bathmate works in a way where your penis would be sucked into a chamber. However, unlike traditional vacuum pumps, Bathmate utilizes water pressure. As you stick your penis in, this would create a vacuuming effect, which would draw extra blood into the shaft, resulting to a bigger erection. After which, you have to clamp of the penis with a tight ring to maintain that. Despite that it’s quite effective, it’s still worth noting that this technique would only give you temporary gains at first, but over time, you’ll begin to experience notable gains.

Stretching with Weights

Weights or stretching exercise is another technique worth considering. Contrary to popular belief, this wouldn’t really bulk up the penis, as it’s not really a muscle. However, it’s capable of stretching the penis, which means it could actually make it longer. There’s a catch though, for you to enjoy this, you’ll have to be very dedicated and wear a weight strapped to the penis for at least eight hours a day for six months. If done properly, you’ll be able to enjoy a gain, even just half an inch.

Penis enlargement exercises to improve penis size has been used for several years. No doubt that this actually works, but it’s very important to be very careful when performing any of these as you don’t want to hurt yourself during the process.