What Penis Size Is Considered Ideal?

What Penis Size Is Considered Ideal

When it comes to penis size, most men have often wondered: What is the ideal or average penis size? According to numerous studies conducted so far, the average penis length when its flaccid is 3.61 inches. The average erect penis length is 5.16 inches. Keep reading if you would like to find more information about penis size average, the ideal size for sexual enjoyment, and what you can do if your small penis is causing you lots of worries.

Does Penis Size Matter?

What most men are concerned about, especially if they have smaller than average penises is whether they will be able to satisfy their partners sexually. Some men are also concerned about how their penis looks when they strip naked. It is important to note that bigger may not necessarily be better for sexual intercourse.

The penis size average that most men prefer according to a study conducted is 5 inches in girth and 6.4 inches in length. The women seeking long-term relationships have a preference for men with penis length measuring 6.3 inches and a girth of 4.8 inches. From these choices, you notice that they are slightly more than average.

The self-confidence and self-esteem of a man can be greatly affected by his own perception of his penis size. It is common to find that most men who are insecure about their penis size in an erect or flaccid state are more likely to experience emotional problems and anxiety induced ED (erectile dysfunction).

How To Correctly Measure Penis Size

When measuring the length of your penis, measure from the tip of the glans until the base where your penis connects with the pubic bone. The tip is the roundish part of your dick. Also, remember to compress the fat above the pubic bone while taking measurements. However, you shouldn’t include the extra length linked to your foreskin. When taking girth measurements, measure around the shaft, mid-section and the base.

Is it possible to increase penis size?

In case you are thinking about increasing your penis size, you should make the decision after carefully consulting with specialists. Most studies recommend that men with penis length measuring 1.6 inches when flaccid or 3 inches when erect should be considered eligible candidates for penis enlargement. Before you pursue your options, it is critical that you undergo a psychological evaluation. Also, share your concerns with your therapist.

It is not uncommon to find many men wondering they are anywhere near the penis size average or they are beyond it. To establish whether you fall within or close to the range often considered average, consider measuring yourself using a tape measure or ruler. If you still feel that your penis size is less than adequate, you will happily learn that a solution is available in the form of a penis pump.

The best and most recommended hydro pump currently is the Bathmate, which guarantees results in just a few weeks. While you may have the option of surgery for penis enhancement, it does not guarantee long-lasting results and you risk getting many health complications or side effects. Bathmate provides a non-invasive solution for increasing penis length and girth.