Which Bathmate To Buy?

Which Bathmate To Buy

Are you wondering which Bathmate to buy? When it comes to the purchase of a Bathmate pump, it is highly critical that you know the right pump to buy before splurging money. Fortunately, getting the right pump is not as difficult as it seems. Most people can tell when to buy a larger pump since most outgrow their current pumps, which end up being uncomfortable.

Beginners (Average Penis Size)

If you are starting out with Bathmate and your penis size measures anywhere around 5-6 inches in length and the girth falls between 4-5 inches, you can pick Hercules or Hydromax X30, which are standard sized pumps. However, you should take note that X30 produces more power compared to Hercules in terms of suction power. So, you can expect better results. Despite this, Hercules still remains a wonderful penis pump, even though it is slightly cheaper. The Xtreme X30 is yet another variant but this is not recommended for beginners. Although it successfully delivers more power, the standard Hydromax X30 should be sufficient for now.

Stats for the Hercules and X30
Erect length: Max. 7.5”
Erect Girth: Max. 5.5”
If your penis exceeds the specified measurements, then it’s high time you bought the X40.

Intermediate (Above Average)

If you are larger than the average guy and your penis measures about 7.5-8.5 inches long, and has a girth of 5.5-7 inches, Hydromax X40 or the Xtreme X40 models are recommended for you. These are big enough and suit the needs of most men seeking bigger penises. The Xtreme variant comes with a handball pump which significantly boosts suction. However, you should be careful not to over pump while using the device.

Stats for the X40
Erect Length: max. 8.5”
Erect girth: max. 7”

Again, if you outgrow this pump and you feel as though it is getting tighter, move on a level higher. If you are bigger than the measurements indicated, you might want to consider the Goliath penis pump.

Advanced (Big Penis Size)

The Goliath pump ranks the highest in terms of size. It is a HUGE pump and the truth is that most men may never find the need to order this particular pump. Of course, unless you are endowed greatly or you have outgrown the previous pump models then that’s when you can purchase this particular penis pump.

Stats for the Goliath pump
Erect girth: max. 9.7 inches
Erect length: max. 8 inches

This is the largest pump. It is best suited for users who wish to maintain gains made through maintenance routines.

This size guide will help you select the most appropriate Bathmate pump that perfectly suits your needs. So, if you have ever asked or wondered which Bathmate to buy, you can use this simple guide to picking the most suitable one for you based on your penis size. Hopefully, this will help you make the right choice. if you would like to make your penis bigger using the groundbreaking male enhancement pumps produced by Bathmate, consider ordering a size that suits. Also, remember to use a Bathmate coupon to lower the price of your purchase. This way, you get the perfect opportunity to get the most from your purchase.