Which Bathmate Should I Start With?


Which Bathmate should I start with? When you want to make your dream of having a big dick a reality, then you probably know that a penis hydropump is what you should get. However, most new beginners do not know what size of Bathmate or Hydromax pumps they can order and use to begin their male enhancement journey.

Selecting the appropriate size determines how effective your experience will be. When you choose a size too small, then it won’t fit comfortably and you risk injuring yourself in the process of pumping. Choosing a size too large, on the other hand, means the pump won’t work effectively. If you want to get the most from your Bathmate experience, then you should definitely get the right size.

What Bathmate size model suits you best?

To determine your ideal Bathmate size, it is imperative that you know your penis measurements. Therefore, take the measurements of your penis girth and length while it’s erect. Begin with a full erection, then proceed to measure your penis length right from your groin (base of your shaft) to the head (tip) of your penis. Do not forget to measure your penis girth too. Choose the point at which it is widest in the shaft and record the measurements. Once you have collected this data, you can use the information provided below to determine which one suits you best.

Under 1.5” Girth and 5.5” or less in Penis length

If you fall into this category, then you should order a Hydromax X20. The pump has superb features that you typically find in the bigger Hydromax X30, X30 Wideboy, and the X40. You may also choose the X20 Xtreme if your budget allows you. This particular pump variant is provided with an innovative handball pump and numerous other accessories as a package.

Maximum 2” Girth and 7.5” length

The older Bathmate Hercules (medium sized pump) is ideal for the individuals who fall into this category. The fact that it is affordable, economical, reliable, and highly effective is a good reason to choose the pump. It belongs to the family of the Bathmate Originals that have been sold for the longest time. If you are on a tight budget, then the Hercules will definitely be the best alternative if you wish to begin your male enhancement journey.

The X30 Hydromax is a superb option for men with these measurements. It introduces some of the newest features and technologies that allow users to enjoy the ultimate experience in their journey of penis enlargement. These pumps come with new features that promise users greater comfort, high-level safety, and a high efficacy level.

The new Hydromax X30 Xtreme is yet another great option that is closely similar to the standard X30. However, the X30 Xtreme is supplied with a useful handball pump and numerous other accessories.

Which Bathmate should I start with? When you are ready to begin your journey of penis enlargement, you can visit the official Bathmate Hydromax website and choose a pump that fits you as well as your needs for optimal gains.