What Is The Average Penis Size ?

What Is The Average Penis Size

You have got to admit that you have measured your dick several times. You are probably wondering how your dong compares to other men’s. So, the big question is: What is the average penis size? New studies indicate that the average dick size isn’t as big as most people tend to assume.

The new study took into consideration the penis size measurements of more than 15,000 men. The average size of a penis when flaccid is 3.61 inches. However, when erect the average length measures 5.17 inches. When it comes to girth, the study indicates that the average flaccid circumference measures 3.67 inches while the average circumference when erect is 4.5 inches.

a. Small Penis Size Syndrome

This is a real life anxiety that affects a good number of men out there. A sizeable number of men all over the globe visit urologists and complain of having small dicks even if they have average size penises. Some men with smaller penises are more confident when it comes to love making since they find new and different positions that enable them provide more stimulation thereby allowing them to please their women better.

b. What Happens When Your Penis Is Too Small?

This is best determined by doctors although if you feel you are too small, you may want to consider natural and safe methods of penis enhancement available today such as penis enlargement pumps. Even though surgery is recommended in some cases, it is not a good idea due to the risks involved. The surgical enhancement procedures can also expose you to a myriad of side effects.

c. Does Size Matter

Studies performed in the past show that this aspect is not as important to women although many men are bothered by it. More than 84% of women are satisfied and happy with their men’s penis size. Despite this, only 54% of men are satisfied with the size of their manhood. It is important to note however that a normal vagina measures approximately 3-4 inches deep. Therefore, if you have ever doubted your ability to please a woman, then you will be happy to discover that you measure up just fine.

In most instances, size only matters when a man’s penis size is too huge than tiny since this is likely to cause very painful sex. Most sex positions are not capable of directly stimulating the clitoris no matter the size of a penis. Therefore, men who are keen on satisfying their partners sexually should not worry about penile dimensions. Instead they should worry more about how they can stimulate the clitoris better.

From the discussion, you will discover that the average dick size is actually not as big as you initially assumed. However, if you feel your penis size does not adequately match up to what other men’s dick sizes, it is never a good idea to resort to pills or penis enhancement surgery as a way of getting bigger. Penis enlargement pumps, eating the right food types and exercising the penis all deliver impressive results naturally.