What Is Kegels Exercise? How To Get The Most From Kegels For Men

If you just heard about it, then you are probably wondering what is kegels exercise? These are discrete forms of exercises meant to strengthen pubococcygeus or perineal muscles. In the earlier years, they were mostly promoted by doctors to the female patients to help with stress incontinence after childbirth. Today, men are encouraged by physicians to perform the same exercises to help improve sexual health, fecal incontinence, and urinary incontinence.

How To Perform Kegel Exercises For Men

In order to get started, consider the following:

1. Find the correct muscles: To begin the procedure, you need to correctly identify the pelvic floor muscles, then stop urinating midstream. Alternatively, you can tighten the specific muscles that prevent you from releasing gas. The maneuvers described use the pelvic floor muscles. So, after you have correctly identified the right pelvic floor muscles, perform the exercises while assuming any position. You are likely to find it easier to conduct the exercises while lying down initially.

2. Perfect the technique: Tighten your pelvic muscles, maintain the contraction for about three seconds, then relax for another three seconds. You may try doing this several times consecutively. As you progress and your muscles gradually become stronger, you should attempt to perform the kegels while sitting, walking, or standing.

3. Maintain Focus: To achieve the best possible results, you should focus on tightening just your pelvic muscles. Don’t flex your abdominal muscles, buttocks, and thighs. Do not hold your breath either. Instead, you should breathe freely while performing the exercises.

How often should you perform the kegels for men?

Men are adapted to doing exercises like sit-ups or push-ups. Even so, only a handful of men know how to perform Kegels efficiently. This is quite unfortunate since most doctors nowadays recommend that men incorporate these exercises into their core routine.

Unlike your typical workout routines, there is no specific number of sets that you should complete each day. Nevertheless, you should ideally perform two or more kegel exercises per day. You can keep it simple by performing the first session during the day and the rest of the session at night. Each session should ideally comprise of 10-30 contractions as well as relaxation exercises.

Kegel Exercises Tips For Men

1. Penis enlargement and kegels: You may perform your normal kegel exercises while doing stretches, jelqs, or any other type of male enhancement exercises that effectively promote more blood flow to your penis. Once you get accustomed to kegeling, combining kegels with other penis enlargement exercises will become easier and your efforts to boost penis enlargement will be realized faster.

2. Kegels for premature ejaculation: If you’re not so fortunate, you might come too quickly than you expect. So, what do you do in such a case? Some men may realize that they ejaculate quicker than is normal when they begin kegeling. When this happens, you need to make sure that your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle is relaxed while engaging in intercourse. When your PC muscle eventually becomes stronger through performing Kegels for men, it will be easier for you to stop ejaculating and enjoy sex for longer.

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