The Ultimate Guide To Make Your Penis Bigger

The Ultimate Guide To Make Your Penis Bigger

Research conducted across men of various ages has revealed that those with an average sized penis are concerned and want a bigger size. Despite the fact that size does not make a big difference to the quality of sex, both men and women were found to associate a bigger sized penis to greater masculinity. It induces a higher self-esteem among men and greater confidence when it comes to pleasing a woman. Thankfully, penis size can be increased, and there are a number of ways for doing so. Given below are some of the methods which can help in increasing penis size.


There are a few exercises that can help men increase both the length and girth of their penises. These exercises work by promoting blood circulation around the pubic muscles and strengthening the muscles. Practicing these exercises on a daily basis can help men achieve a long lasting erection and also help those with erectile dysfunction. These exercises are very easy to follow and will produce visible results in a very short span of time. For best results, maintain a good penile hygiene and lubricate the shaft before each exercise so that the pubic hair and tender skin is not damaged during the exercise. The exercises are described below.


Stretching the penis with the hand can be very effective in increasing the length of the shaft. However, this does not really make much difference to the girth. The results are very gradual, and may take quite some time if the penis size is below average. However, once the length in the flaccid state has increased considerably, the change is permanent. It is advisable to stretch the penis for at least four days per week so as to achieve visible results.


Jelqing is another one of the popular penis enlargement exercises. It is very simple and helps you increase the length in a very natural way. To carry out this exercise, make a big O using the thumb and the index finger and plant it at the base of the shaft. Now slowly move your hand from the bottom to the top without sliding over the skin. This exercise is more effective if done when the penis is in an erect position. You can also use lubricants to make the exercise easier. Make sure that you clean the penis after this exercise.


Kegel exercises are quite popular among both men and women. Among men, it helps to increase both the length and the girth of the penis. The Kegel exercises involve a contraction and relaxation of the pelvic muscles, thereby promoting the blood flow to the penis.  When done on a regular basis, it can gradually help you attain a bigger penis size without using any extra pharmaceutical products. These exercises can also be highly beneficial for those with an erectile dysfunction. It helps men to stimulate a natural erection without the help of Viagra and hold it for a longer span of time. These exercises increase the strength and stability around the PC muscles and help in having a better performance during intercourse.


Sprays are commonly used for getting a thicker and longer erection before having sex. They are comparatively cheaper and give very quick results. These are also commonly used by men who have erectile dysfunction or have problems holding the erection for a very long period of time. Spraying on the solution right before having sex induces a mild degree of numbness in the shaft, thereby reducing the sensation of pleasure. As a result, men can hold their erection for a longer period during intercourse.


There are a multitude of pharmaceutical companies selling penis enlargement pills. Therefore, it is best to take medical supervision before starting the consumption. These are different as compared to Viagras and are recommended for long-term use before any visible results can be seen. Using them over a long period of time may help you have a bigger penis. However, the results are not consistent and can vary significantly from person to person.


Of all the methods, surgery is the most promiscuous method to get a larger penis size. The results are as expected and permanent. However, it involves huge expenses and can also be quite painful. Although this method is applicable for men with all penis sizes, it is usually men with very small penis size who choose to go under the knife. Men with an average sized penis rather prefer to opt for other alternative methods. It is recommended to refrain from surgery unless the size is very small so as to hinder normal sexual activities. If you have decided to take up surgery, make sure that you are aware of all the risk factors before you go through the procedure.


Penis pumps are very popular these days. Unlike other methods, they give very quick results, thus helping men to have a bigger penis size almost immediately. The Bathmate penis pump is one such product that has garnered much attention among men of all ages. This pump can be used by almost anyone and can be used conveniently at home without the help of a professional. The results are instant, but only last for a short span of time. However, when practiced on a regular basis, it can also give permanent results.

The pump works by sealing in the penis and creating a vacuum so as to direct more blood flow into the penis. You are basically supposed to wear the tube over your penis while using it. The ring placed at the mouth of the tube sits on the bottom of the shaft and keeps the blood from escaping. As a result, the penis immediately gets engorged with blood and appears bigger in both length and girth. The effect fades away sometime after the tube is removed. However, it helps in stimulating new tissue growth, thus increasing the circumference and the girth over the course of time.