The Ultimate Bathmate Pump Guide And Review

The Ultimate Bathmate Pump Guide And Review

On matters male enhancement, there are many people who claim to have solutions. Some of the most common ones include pills, herbs, surgery, penis extenders, and penis pumps. If you want a product that actually works, then you should settle on the Bathmate pump – a highly effective hydro pump. The Bathmate penis pumps are designed to work differently from the traditional pumps that only use air. Unlike the traditional pumps, Bathmate is a hydro pump, meaning the device should ideally be used with water for the best possible results. Here is the ultimate Bathmate pump guide and review.

The Uniqueness of Bathmate Products

Bathmate products are unique from other penis pumps for the simple reason that they rely on water. The engineers who designed Bathmate Hydromax devices have extensive knowledge in pneumatics and hydraulics. Thanks to the creators of the Bathmate pumps, thousands of users have successfully made their dicks bigger and enjoy more fulfilling sex.

The Million Dollar Question

Does water actually make any difference? It is worth noting that both water and air have been useful mediums for realizing penis enlargement, but water is a clear winner. This is evident in the results produced by Bathmate hydro pumps. Using a traditional air-based pump causes the genitals to expand unevenly. This means that the penis might have a bulge or severe bending. Water, on the other hand, ensures even distribution of pressure along the entire length of the penis, thereby allowing for even growth. Furthermore, water provides a cushion for the penis, which means the likelihood of injuries is reduced.


If you wish to get maximum benefits from your Bathmate, you should follow the usage guide presented below. It is important to note that there are some varying differences when using the device in the shower or bathtub.

STEP 1: Adjusting the latch valve

The latch valve has three positions (top, middle, and bottom). The bottom and top position prevent water from flowing out of the device while the central position opens the valve. So, push the valve down slightly. This action essentially moves the latch to the center.

STEP 2: Choose The Right Comfort Pad Connect It To The Pump

It is important that you choose the right comfort pad. After doing so, insert it to the pump while ensuring the markings are correctly aligned. If you prefer to use the device in the shower, then you should install the short insert. However, when using the bathtub, choose the size that fits comfortably.

STEP 3: The Measuring Guide

You can rotate the device to reveal the measuring guide. Since the vessel and the gator rotate independently, you can easily rotate them to view the measuring guide. This enables you to monitor your progress.

STEP 4: Whether you are taking a bath or shower, you should warm up for at least five minutes, as this heats up your body and keeps blood circulating.

STEP 5: Fill up your pump with water, and then insert your penis. To maintain a good seal, pull the device against your body.

STEP 6: Pull the Bathmate pump to your body in order to expel water. As you begin pumping, you will notice the sudden increase in suction.

STEP 7: To prevent injury that may be caused by excess pressure, Bathmate pumps are designed to release pressure slowly. When the pressure decreases, re-pump to generate more suction.

STEP 8: After successfully completing your Bathmate session, your penis will be filled with blood. Release the pressure buildup and remove the device. You can do this by adjusting the valve.

Are there any side effects linked to Bathmate?

When shopping around for penis pumps, most men are normally concerned about various side effects because most enlargement devices in the market cause more harm than good. Fortunately, using a Bathmate device provides you with the safest male enhancement method. Since the device was launched into the market, users have reported no serious complaints. Just use the device correctly as suggested.

Strong Points

1. Permanent Growth – Even though Bathmate devices initially produce instant temporary gains, these eventually turn to permanent gains through consistent use.

2. Safe Pressure Threshold Level – Bathmate is the most user-friendly male enhancement product you will ever use. In addition, it also creates a sufficient amount of pressure that guarantees the safety and health of your penis.

3. Cures premature ejaculation – the device has been used successfully to cure premature ejaculation. Men who have used the device to resolve this problem admit that they last longer in bed after using Bathmate.

4. Creates Hard Erections – Besides improving the length of the penis, Bathmate devices additionally promote the good health of the penis, which translates to harder erections and greater sexual pleasure.

Weak Points:

Frequent pumping for better results – to create greater suction power, you would have to pump continuously and frequently.

Must use water – using the device without water could lead to slow results and pain.

Bathmate Pump Variants

When it comes to choosing the ideal Bathmate variant, you will quickly discover that there are quite a number of options available for you. Even so, you need to choose a device that suits you. The Bathmate Originals, Hydromax X-series, and Hydromax Xtreme are the pump types you can choose from. Note that the originals are earlier versions while the X-series and Xtreme versions are the latest additions that deliver more power and better results, thanks to the innovations incorporated into the devices. When choosing your preferred device, you need to consider the size of your penis as well as your budget. These are critical considerations that will certainly guide you into choosing the appropriate device for your specific needs.


The above assertions may seem like mere claims for the skeptical individuals. However, if you want more proof that the Bathmate devices work, you should order one and try it out for sixty days. If you are not pleased with the results, you should feel free to return the device and claim a FULL refund. Since the manufacturer stands solidly behind the creation, you can be sure that it works amazingly.


If you would like to enjoy better and more stimulating sessions with your partner, try the Bathmate pumps. You won’t be disappointed! Other than promoting the good health of your penis, the devices are also designed to make the male member bigger in terms of girth and length. The Bathmate pumps have undergone thorough testing over the years and have been proven to be 100% effective.