The Best Bathmate Routine

The Best Bathmate Routine

While there is a standard form of exercise you could perform with your Bathmate, there are actually more innovative routines you could incorporate for maximum girth and length gains. If you want to discover how to get the best possible results, then below we outline the best Bathmate routine that is guaranteed to give you the results you desire.

Bathmate Stretches

Bathmate stretches will definitely get you the most from your exercises. You can do this correctly by inserting your dick into the Bathmate pump when you’re 80% erect. Make sure your dick is nicely warmed up prior to commencing the routine. Then begin by pumping for 5 minutes. Once you have achieved the desired vacuum pressure follow these procedures:

1. Stretch the device upward to the maximum point while your dick is still inside it.

2. Stretch again outward, and then out towards the left side, right side and straight down.

Perform at least 3 sets of the exercises aforementioned. The stretches should be done for thirty seconds in each direction.

The Best Girth Blasters

The highly advanced users are the only ones who should attempt this routine. If you want extraordinary results in terms of extraordinary girth gains, then follow these steps:

1. Begin your session by pumping until the level of suction is sufficient. This should last about ten minutes.

2. When done, remove your Bathmate or Hydromax pump and try to make your penis fully erect.

3. Perform squash jelqs for 5 minutes. These are similar to regular jelqs. The main difference is that the squash jelqs are performed using both hands while the standard jelqs are performed with one hand.

4. Repeat the outlined steps twice and perform the squash jelqs for an additional 5 minutes.

The two routines mentioned above are recommended for anyone seeking MASSIVE girth and length gains.

Best Bathmate Routine: Hydro Exercises

1. It is important that you focus more on enjoying your Bathmate Hydromax experience. Therefore, do not pump hurriedly. Instead, pump slowly and gently until the right amount of vacuum is created.

2. Even as you exercise, you should remember to incorporate rest periods in between the routines. This enables the retraction of blood from your penis.

3. For optimal results, you should split the pumping into 4 sets with each set lasting 5 minutes.

4. Pump as slowly as possible to ensure greater comfort.

Important Points To Note

If you would like to get the most from your Bathmate exercises, then you should take note of the following:

1. To get maximum results from your Bathmate stretches, you should get the right penis pump. Therefore, buy a hydro pump that is perfectly suited for your penis size. Failure to do so means you might not see the results you desire.

2. Trim your pubic hair, as this will help you get best suction and seal.

3. Massage your dick while performing the routines.

With these tips, you will get impressive results sooner than you expect. Therefore, you should get the right Bathmate or Hydromax pump that can accommodate your penis size and follow the best Bathmate routine we have just shared for optimal results.