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Bathmate X20 Review, All New Powerful Hydromax X20

You’ve definitely heard some good things about the new Bathmate Hydromax X20. Many men have tried out numerous penis enhancement methods only to end up with disappointing results. However, choosing a penis pump and specifically, a hydropump has many benefits that come in the form of a bigger penis and good penile health. If your penis size is 10 cm or 4 inches when erect, then the X20 is highly recommended for you. Below we present you with a Bathmate x20 review that gives you a deeper insight into what to expect when you start using the pump.

According to the manufacturer of the product, the Hydromax X20 is developed to fulfill the needs of the individuals who for a long time only had limited choices of pumps that did not fit them properly. The Bathmate Hydromax X20 addresses these issues perfectly while producing 35% more power safely. As a result, men who use the pump have successfully increased the sizes of the penises both in terms of girth and length.

Improved Bellows Pump

The 35% increased power is attributed to the new Bellows, which is much stronger than the previous ones and is more durable while providing more flexibility as well. Consequently, users of the X20 can now create greater suction force with little effort.

Removable Comfort Pad

Yet another welcome feature is the new comfort pad. The pads provide a more comfortable and tighter seal on the body. This essentially means that you need to pump less and there will be minimal loss of suction force.

New Superflow Latch-Valve

This is probably the most critical improvement. The new latch valve system controls water flow. By adding the new latch, users can now shut off the valve and prevent water from escaping during filling. The seemingly little but critical innovation allows users to fill up the device using one hand.

Bathmate x20 review: The X20 Guarantees Safety

Like the other Bathmate pumps, the new X20 is powerful but safe to use. The pump is designed in such a manner that it is capable of producing a safe threshold negative pressure of 8 psi or 0.55 bar. Through the extensive tests carried out by the engineers at DX Products (Manufacturers of Bathmate pumps), it was discovered that exceeding the negative pressure based on the figures established by the FDA provides no benefits. Therefore, the X20 guarantees your own safety while ensuring you get gains in the most efficient way.

These and many more improvements make the Hydromax X20 a solid pump that delivers impressively.

Bathmate x20 review: What is the pump made of?

The X20 comprises of a tube made from a tough polycarbonate material that is virtually unbreakable. Since the X20 has two textured surfaces, you can comfortably use it while bathing or showering, thanks to the good grip it provides.

Bathmate x20 Review Summary

Men with fully erect penises measuring 4 inches or less now have a hydropump specifically tailored to match their needs. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about under-pumping or over-pumping. Without hesitation, I would recommend the Bathmate Hydromax X20 to men looking for significant gains. Over time, your erections will also be noticeably bigger, stiffer, and last longer.