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Penis Not Growing – Should This Be Cause For Concern?

Penis Not Growing

Young men are often bothered by their penis not growing and quite a good number are not happy with their penis sizes. As a result, they try everything available in the market just to add inches to their manhood. However, it is worth noting that at a certain age, your penis will automatically stop growing.

At What Age Does Penis Growth Stop?

During puberty, the penis grows bigger and boys may notice major changes taking place in the body which transforms them to men from boys. Even though your penis will continue growing until you hit 18 years, growth will stop which is perfectly normal as this signifies the end of puberty. The point at which the penis stops growing varies from one individual to another. In most cases, the penis stops growing when men reach the age of 21.

What Are The Common Products And Techniques Used For Penis Enhancement?

Most men who wonder why their penis has suddenly stopped growing are also wondering if penis enhancement products work. While the options of male enhancement products are numerous, most are actually ineffective while some also increase the risk of injury. Below are some of the most popularly used methods of penis enlargement.

1. Lotions and pills – the pills are rich in vitamins and minerals. Some herbs are also sold as penis enhancement remedies. However these products are not effective and may actually be harmful to your health.

2. Stretching – This method involves using a penis extender to stretch the penis by several centimeters.

3. Exercise – some exercise routines are also popularly used today for purposes of making the penis bigger. Jelqing is a good example of a penis exercise that involves pushing blood to the tip of the penis along the penile shaft through the hand-over-hand motion. Even though there is no scientific proof that penis exercises work, they have been of great help to some men who have successfully gotten bigger penises.

4. Hydro Penis pumps – These are used for making the penis bigger. The most popular hydro pump is Bathmate which actually delivers results as promised. Therefore, consistent use of Bathmate Hydomax pumps for several weeks will actually make your dick bigger. This has been proven by thousands of men who have provided testimonies about the superb results delivered by this world renowned penis pump.

If your penis size is not as big as you would want it to be, you can discuss the issue with your spouse or partner. This may be a challenging task, although you may find that she is not bothered by the size. However, if you still feel the size of your penis is not satisfactory, then the Bathmate Hydromax pumps are recommended as they deliver amazing outcomes as promised by the manufacturer.

If you are deeply bothered by your microscopic penis, consult a doctor or get professional help from a counselor. Most men who previously experienced penis not growing successfully resolved the issue with the help of the innovative penis pumps produced by Bathmate. So, do not suffer in silence when faced with this situation.