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Penile enlargement options and why are we doing PE?

When it comes to penile/penis enlargement (PE), the desire for a larger size is a common concern among men. Whether driven by personal dissatisfaction or societal pressures, the pursuit of a larger penis has led to the development of various techniques and procedures, and using Bathmate pump is one of them. However, amidst the promises and claims, it is crucial to distinguish between fact and fiction. This article delves into the world of penile enlargement, exploring the effectiveness, risks, and limitations of different methods, and providing insights to help individuals make informed decisions about their sexual well-being.

Penile enlargement procedures and their effectiveness: a summary

  • Surgical procedures like phalloplasty and liposuction can lead to modest increases in size but carry risks of complications.
  • Injections and fillers may provide temporary enlargement but can cause side effects and deformities.
  • Traction devices, such as penis extenders, have limited evidence supporting their effectiveness, and their long-term results are uncertain.
  • Supplements marketed for penile enlargement are often not regulated and lack scientific evidence.
  • Managing expectations is crucial, as penile size is a personal matter and sexual satisfaction involves various factors beyond size alone.
  • Psychological well-being and seeking professional guidance are important for individuals struggling with body image or self-esteem issues.
  • Caution and consultation with healthcare professionals are advised before considering penile enlargement techniques.

Why are we doing penis enlargement for years

Alright, gentlemen, let’s have a little talk about PE and the mindset you should have before venturing deeper into it. One of my jobs I feel with sharing information is to not only talk about the physical aspects of doing any form of PE, whether that’s using a pump, jelqing, hanging, or any other technique. But I also need to address the mental aspects of doing them. I get many messages from guys that seem desperate to do some form of PE, and by desperate, they act as if they’re in a dangerous situation where if they don’t do PE, something bad will happen to them.

I feel that the porn industry has really distorted our minds when it comes to sex, and I know that locker room talk and maybe previous sexual partners have a part to play. Whenever someone says they need to gain or they have to gain a certain number of inches, I always want to know what’s so special about that specific number. If you’re like me, I think a solid nine inches with a cool idea, and the same applies to getting over six inches in girth. But, I don’t feel that if I don’t accomplish those exact numbers, then somehow I’m now less of a man or myself.

It’s easy to get lost in the meme or idea of the Alpha Male, Chad, of the now GigaChad. Muscles, a square-cut jawline, and a dick as big as her forearm are the only way to please a sexual partner. And gentlemen, that shit is too untrue and toxic to your minds. It literally creates body dysmorphia to the point that, let’s say you did reach a dick that was longer than a ruler and fatter than a Coke can, you would still feel that you’re not enough. We get caught up in the idea that we’re not good enough for our partners, whether it’s financially, physically, or sexually.

Men don’t get to express themselves with these negative feelings because we’re taught that men aren’t supposed to do things like that. And it’s simply not true, talk about these things with one another and be honest with yourself. PE or any other form of self-improvement should be done because you feel that it’s something you want to accomplish. And not because you feel that if you don’t do it, then somehow you’re now a lesser being.

Take me for example. I work hard to not only provide for my wife and me. But because I want to reach my job higher level of top pay faster and it’s determined by hours worked in order to reach your next progressions. I’m by no means a rich person, but with budgeting, we survive. I know there are some ‘chubby chasers’ that follow my content, and you and my wife both say I’m fine the way I am. But, weight loss for me is more than just appearance it’s a way for me to get healthier and stronger. I’ve always been fascinated with strength and muscle, the idea of being able to lift heavy things is something I loved when I was little.

For example, a family friend Ford King Ranch ran out of fuel because he didn’t know the sensor for the fuel gauge went bad. We were stuck on an incline and he made a joke for me to get out and push it, and so I did. I pushed it right into the gas station all by myself. And when I got back in the truck he looked at me and said, “Dude I was actually joking I was about to call some of the guys to help.” The idea of physical power has always fascinated me. The same applies to my dick size. It’s easy to look at someone like Julio Gomez, Shane Diesel, Danny D, Dredd, and the list goes on. And to get trapped in the mental mindset that’s how you have to be in order for your partner to enjoy your size. And that’s not the case, PE should follow the same self-improvement model as weight loss.

I chose the picture you see to not only get your attention but to show the absurdity of bigger always being better. Being content with yourself first will make you appreciate those goals that you achieve. For me getting bigger is more about my own sexual pleasure, because the bigger I get the more I have to ‘stuff’ my wife and the feeling is addicting, to be honest with you. And I think the same goes for her as well. For her being as tight as she is, her pussy can really take a beating and we both love it. She will say that my dick is too big, but then she will have me basically break my hip with how hard she has me fuck her. If it ever came to a point where she told me to legit stop, I would. But more importantly than my sexual selfishness.

In the past when I did PE I injured myself a few times and I slowly learned the safest, easiest, and what I feel to be the correct way of doing PE. And I feel that teaching this knowledge I’ve gained is important because if I was to vanish from the internet tomorrow, I won’t unless I died or something, jelqing, and PE would continue on. So, if I can add a small part of my personal experience into the mix then I feel it’s what I should do in order to help others. I know my content is slow, but the bigger this page grows and the greater my outreach. The easier it will be for me to take more time out of work to do nothing but PE content because honestly, it’s fun.

The Importance of Mindset and Self-Improvement in Penile Enlargement

To summarize our story above:

  • Discuss the importance of mindset and self-improvement in penile enlargement.
  • Highlight the influence of the porn industry and distorted expectations.
  • Emphasize that size alone does not define masculinity or sexual satisfaction.
  • Encourage self-acceptance and setting personal goals in the pursuit of penile enlargement.
  • Learn from personal experiences and prioritize safe practices.
  • Stress the significance of maintaining mental health throughout the process of self-improvement.