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What You Need To Know About New Bathmate Hydromax

Aim for bigger time with the new Bathmate Hydromax. The hydraulic pump uses water โ€“ not air pressure โ€“ and can, therefore, resist any penile engorgement. Moreover, it offers 35 percent more power than the earlier versions. This product designed for men with erections less than 7.5 inches and 4.7 inches in girth.

The product promises results within 60 days of repeated use. It also boasts numerous innovative features that are unique to it and which the manufacturer included to boost its performance. They include a removable comfort pad made of skin safe elastomer to help provide a tighter seal near the base.

What To Expect With The New Product

The newly introduced Pump System offers better faster gains. The system incorporates soft sealing support ring to provide reduced pressure and great comfort around the testicle region and penis base. It is also removable for easier cleaning.

The introduced โ€Swivel Bellowsโ€ feature allows for 360-degree rotations to provide the user with a full chamber in addition to inclined angle change options for more efficiency when using it in the shower or bath โ€“ or when using the new Hydromax ring system.

The SuperFlow Latch Valve system facilitates easier single hand filling and therefore the use and positioning of the hydropump are easier. The new imperial guidance scale and metric provide improved visual viewing area and the lower and upper texturing on the device’s vacuum tube allow for better control and gripping. The size of the internal bellow is increased and the number of convolutes is minimized to allow the user to gain impressive girth expansions.

A Summary Of The Main Features

  • Hydraulic penis pump ideal for men with pre-pump erect length below 7.5 inches and 4.7 inches girth
  • It is 250X more powerful than the standard air pumps in the market. With 35 percent more suction power than the previous versions.
  • Has a measurement gauge to display your progress for faster and better gains.
  • Offers results within 60 days of continued exercise regime
  • Comes with a manual that offers easier to follow instructions in addition to a measuring chart

Quality Assurance

All the materials used to make the new Bathmate Hydromax are of high quality and the manufacturer has molded them to exacting tolerances and specifications. The pumps and the components parts have to pass through rigorous testing in a test laboratory and are also regularly tested to 100,000 usage cycles, which is almost equal to 3 years of continued use.

The product is also body-safe. The manufacturer uses medical grade and free skin-safe materials to produce it. Moreover, they have assured that each range must undergo dermatological testing studies. The Aspen Clinical Research has conclusively passed the product as clinically proven safe for use around the genital area. Therefore, you are assured that the product is safe to use.


The product comes in professional-looking packaging. It has immediate brand recognition in addition to creative box design. The attached manual is informative and you will attain the full knowledge of the new Bathmate Hydromax before you start using it. The design is pleasing and the functionality a priority. You might need to try it.