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What is jelqing exercise and how does it work?

Today, lots of men are trying various ways of enlarging their penises, and improving the quality of their erections. Have you ever heard of jelqing exercise? For those not familiar with it, it is a special penis stretching exercise, which you can easily do alone, and hope to get some results.

Jelqing is not that popular, and many people consider it not very effective, because there is not enough science on the subject. However, jelqing is thoroughly safe. You just need to be more careful not to squeeze your penis too hard. In that case, agressive squeeze can lead to unpleasant side effects. If you learn how to do jelqing right, it can be beneficial for your sexual wellness.

What exactly is jelqing exercise

As mentioned, jelqing is a specific form of exercise, which requires stretching of your penis. Men usually start a rolling motion with their hands in order to move blood to their penis head. Jelqing is also known as milking. While you perform this exercise, you massage your penis tissues and stretch your skin.

In this way you create the so-called ‘micro-tears’. Then they become engorged and this is what makes your penis look bigger. It is commonly believed, jelqing can improve the duration of your erections, and the quality of your sexual performances. But if you don’t do it the right way, you might experience terrible pain and skin irritation.

How it works

Jelqing is an easy technique, which does not require special devices. This may not sound real, but you can enlarge your penis by using only your own hands. When a man starts doing jelqing, he applies pressure, and stretch his penis with 2 fingers. Then he strokes it starting from the base, and reaching the top. Most men describe this process as milking of a cow. This penis massage practice dates back to ancient time. It is thought to have come from the Arab practices.

When it comes to jelqing, it is very important to keep your penis warm. Warmth is essential, because it improves the flexibility of the penis tissue. That is why, it will be better if you have a preparation, before you start doing jelqing. You should keep a warm towel around the penis for a couple of minutes.

When it gets warm enough, you should start massaging it slowly until it gets to the semi-erect state. Keep on going, but the level of pressure should be the same. Men usually use both of their hands and do this exercise for 30 minutes. Your penis might look swollen and red in the end, but it is not worryingly. If you want to reduce the friction of your penis and your hands, you should consider using water-based lubricant.

Jelqing is easy, and it does not require any investment. It is completely safe, so you have nothing to lose, if you decide to try this technique. The enlargement of your penis will definitely help you improve your sexual performance, feel more pleasure, and increase your male self-esteem.

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