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Studies: Improved Penile Gains & Erection Strength

Penis size remains one of the most talked-about topics and an anxiety-inducing component for many men out there. Some men are unhappy with the sizes of their penis, which explains why most seek out remedies to help resolve this issue. What’s more, studies conducted over the years consistently indicate that prevalence of male impotence (erectile dysfunction) tends to increase with age, and complaints of male impotence have been reported.

According to a new survey conducted in the first quarter of 2020, 81% of the male respondents who had earlier been afflicted by micropenis and other related symptoms reported improved gains. These participants revealed that their penises became larger and their erections were significantly improved as well after using Bathmate Hydromax pumps consistently for two months.

Of the 70.6% of respondents who apparently were also users of Bathmate Hydromax pumps showed that the results they got over a period of three months were intensely satisfying. These respondents developed longer and better phalluses, thanks to the male enhancement pump.

Can a penis pump help you?

While using a male enhancement pump is no cure for erectile dysfunction, the devices have the potential to make your manhood firm enough thus enabling you to enjoy sexual intercourse. By regularly using a penis pump, you greatly improve penile tissue oxygenation, thereby enhancing blood flow while preventing the development of harmful cavernosal fibrosis. These benefits are felt by the preservation of erectile function, improvement of penis length and girth, and improvement in the quality of your erections.

Out of the 42 respondents interviewed, 34 reported a significant improvement in either erection strength or gain in penile size. Most men who have been involved in these studies confirm that they have experienced more pronounced penile development in terms of length and girth of their male organs – a critical factor that women considered to be most important for overall sexual satisfaction.

Men Are More Concerned About Their Penis Size than Women

The subject matter seems to affect men more than it does to women. A study conducted by British urologists revealed that 85% of women involved in the research were actually satisfied with the penis sizes of their partners, while only 55% of the men involved in the study actually felt content with their penises.

It really is a huge difference in perception, and this level of insecurity is expected to rise due to the influx of internet pornography. It is worth noting that more than 33% of men who erroneously believed their penises were small admit their insecurities arose by watching erotic images in their teens.


From the data gathered over the years, many arise for men interested in having female partners over a long period. Men with larger phalluses are more likely to score when pursuing female partners, particularly for short-term flings. From recorded history, men who are not satisfied with the sizes of their penis have benefited more from counseling and penile enlargement devices (such as Bathmate Hydromax) than surgical intervention methods.