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Bathmate Size Guide

Bathmate Size Guide

If you are looking to get the most from your Bathmate device, then it is critical that you buy the one that suits you. In addition, if you want to progress to the bigger pumps, you ought to make sure the one you choose is capable of serving your specific needs. Below we shall present a Bathmate size guide that will definitely come in handy as you shop for your favorite Bathmate pump.

1) Hydromax X20: The newly introduced Hydromax X20 pump is the earliest addition. Nevertheless, the X20 provides consumers with the same amazing features that you get from the X40 and X30 pumps, but it’s slightly smaller. The pump is designed for men with dicks measuring 5.5 inches or less, and a girth of 1.5”.

2) Hydromax X-treme XX20: This is the same as the Hydromax X-series X20, but the X-treme version is sold together with a powerful handball pump and all the accessories you will need. Some of the items included in this package a protective case, long-insert comfort pad, an innovative support strap, and many more. The Xtreme XX20 is best suited for users looking to get results while using a penis pump that incorporates the best hydro pump technology.

3) Bathmate Hercules: This is the original Bathmate pump that has been around for the longest time. This hercules hydro pump is suited for the average sized man with a penis measuring 7.5 inches long when erect and 2 inches in girth. The pump is economical, effective, and reliable.

4) Hydromax X30: This utilizes the latest hydro pump technology. The pump incorporates new features like the latch valve that enables easier filing of the device, comfort that guarantees improved padding and comfort, a newly improved bellows system that produces 30% more suction power. The X30 is suited for men with average sized penises of approximately 7.5” long and 2” thick when erect. The pump is able to produce more power while delivering quicker results.

5) Hydromax X-treme XX30: This particular pump is a hot seller. It is just the same as the standard X30, but it is sold together with the innovative handball pump and all the accessories you will need to help you get the most from the device. The accessories included are a protective case, support strap, long-insert comfort pad, and many more. This is recommended for the user seeking optimal results using the latest hydro pump technology.

6) Bathmate Goliath: This is perfect for men with dicks that measure 9” or even longer. It is worth noting that the Bathmate Goliath is larger than the Hercules. It is presented with a case and a strap. Nothing is average with this pump. In fact, most users only buy this pump until they graduate from the Hydromax X40.

7) The Hydromax Xtreme XX50: note that this is a new item. It is recommended for men with 9 inches or longer. The XX50 is sold with numerous accessories and a handball pump that gives you better control of the vacuum in the pump. This is the largest hydro pump in the world and nothing comes close to it.

Hopefully, the Bathmate size guide presented will make it easier for you to choose the device that suits your needs best.