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How To Satisfy A Woman With Small Penis

How To Satisfy A Woman With Small Penis

With a small penis it may be pretty difficult to satisfy your partner in bed. However, you will be pleased to learn that even with a small penis, you can still get your woman to orgasm countless times. This can be achieved by spicing up things in the bedroom by introducing effective sex positions. The sex positions below outlining how to satisfy a woman with small penis will certainly make your sex experience better.

Even though a bigger dick has its own benefits, there are lots of other aspects that matter other than penis length. The girth of your penis matters as well. No woman likes to have her cervix rammed into several times since it usually causes a lot of pain. This is something that happens in instances where a man has a massive penis.

Painful intercourse makes the lovemaking process horrific. As a matter of fact, majority of women with overly endowed boyfriends tend to complain about the fact that their men are too large. The tips mentioned below are ideal for any man with a small penis wishing to satisfy his partner. With a small dick, you can still help your partner achieve multiple orgasms.

The Doggie – Effective Sex Position for Men with Small Penises

When done the right way, doggie style is a position that will definitely make your small penis feel quite huge inside a woman. To do it correctly, you need to make sure your girl is positioned correctly. So, make sure her head is comfortably lying on a pillow. Furthermore, her bottom should be raised up as much as possible. To make the angle even more effective for deep penetration, she needs to arch her back while her thighs are close together. The doggie style is a common position that will definitely help your girl orgasm even if your penis is small. You can lean forward while you penetrate as this helps you maintain the necessary physical contact. This will make the sexual experience even more intimate thereby allowing her to climax fast.

Rabbit Ears – Highly Effective If Your Penis Is Small

Get your girlfriend to lie on her back and then put a pillow just below her backside. Her legs should then be bent up to the point where they are close to her ears. This is a highly effective sex position that will make it easier for you to penetrate her deeper. As you engage in sexual intercourse, you will fill her completely and satisfy her with mind-blowing sex. However, if your girl is experiencing difficulty holding up her leg especially when the sex lasts long, you can help by holding her legs with your arms.

The society focuses mainly on penis size with regard to sexual intimacy. However, it is important to note that any dick size will make any woman orgasm particularly when effective sex positions are introduced during sexual intercourse. Remember to stimulate the clitoris as well. When all these are combined together, then your partner will orgasm even if you have a small penis.