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How Bathmate Hydromax Produces Longer Lasting Results

How Bathmate Hydromax Produces Longer Lasting Results

Quite a good number of men have resorted to using untested methods and remedies with the hopes of achieving permanent penis size gains and only end up getting disappointing results.

This begs the question of what method or technique actually produces the desired results. Upon digging deeper, we stumbled on Hydromax penis pumps by Bathmate and carried out tests, which lasted almost a year.

Surprisingly, the results were pretty impressive and the gains seemed to last longer than we had imagined they would. Below we shall reveal to you how Bathmate Hydromax makes your penis gains lasting many months with minimal effort.

The penis comprises of three main components that fill up with blood. Here are important points to note:

1. The corpus cavernosa (located on the upper half of the penis) hold the central arteries. These are cylindrical tubes, which are slightly bigger than the spongy structure.

2. The corpus spongiosum – located beneath the corpus cavernosa and surrounded by the urethra (a pipeline for transporting both sperm and urine).

3. When you become aroused, nerves surrounding your penis immediately become active, thereby causing muscle tissues around the aforementioned arteries to contract and allow more blood into your phallus.

The Hydromax penis pumps by Bathmate are some of the greatest inventions in the male enhancement industry, thanks to the numerous innovative features bundled up in each of the devices.

During the pumping sessions, the Hydromax pump essentially expands the penile tissues discussed above, thereby allowing more blood to flow inside the penile shaft. Since the penile shaft becomes bigger due to this action over time, consistent pumping expands the tubes and makes the gains last longer.

The good news is that the Bathmate Hydromax penis pumps are designed to produce only a certain amount of negative pressure thus making them completely safe for everyday use.

Bathmate creates erections using suction power developed by the pump. As blood is forced into the corpus cavernosa, erection occurs almost naturally, thanks to the negative vacuum pressure.

Greater Suction Power With Every New Generation Hydromax Pump

To make the gains even more dramatic, Hydromax pumps boast of producing 35% more suction power. This feature alone makes these pumps the perfect choice for any man seeking the power to increase penis size, enjoy better erection quality, and confidence.

While the gains are guaranteed and last much longer than any penis enlargement technique you could possibly imagine, experts still advise users to carry on with the pumping sessions despite witnessing the gains within the first few weeks.

After a year of consistent, regular use of the hydro pumps, gains made last much longer and very little intervention is needed on your part to maintain the size gains.


From above it is easy to see why the Hydromax penis pumps by Bathmate are so popular. The hydro pumps are designed with one main objective; to produce long lasting gains in the safest way.

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