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How to Get A Bigger Penis with Bathmate

Are you looking to enlarge your penis practically and effectively? Whether you or your partner has a penis, a penis pump is guaranteed to work in your favor. Much has been said about penis pumps and their role in getting a bigger penis.

However, most penis pump brands tend to commercialize and focus heavily on the pumps’ effects, leaving out the usage process. Hydromax by Bathmate is one of the most popular sensations for getting a bigger penis with pumps. Check out our beginner guide on getting a bigger penis with Bathmate.


Provided you have a penis, penis size issues, or a nasty fantasy involving a bigger penis, a penis pump is definitely for you. Penis pumps are mainly used during masturbation and solo plays. However, they are a fun couples’ sex toy to bring to your playtime, especially if you love submissive and dominant BDSM role play. However, for most men, a penis pump is purely size factored, which is many clients are looking to get a bigger penis with Bathmate.


All Bathmate customers have different motivations for wanting a penis pump. One of the major reasons is to achieve a bigger, swollen erection. Hydromax penis pumps are a fun and quick way to boost sensitivity, performance confidence and make things a bit bigger.

The most prevalent reason is penis enlargement. Many active users aiming to get a bigger penis with Bathmate have attested to size gains. Of course, there are arguments for and against using pumps for long-lasting results. However, the best results are often credited to a carefully designed and engineered water-operated hydro penis pump with the user’s need in mind, for instance, Hydromax by Bathmate.


Using a penis pump often feels awkward at first. However, Hydromax penis pump is a fairly simple device to operate.

1. Loosen Up

Begin by loosening up in the warm shower for a few minutes.

2. Prepare Pump

The Hydromax penis pump is relatively easy to use and does not require excessive preparation. Simply add water to the pump—next, press in the pressure valve. Ensure your finger is over the valve while filling.

3. Mount

Place your penis inside the pump. Luckily, you don’t necessarily need to be erect. The pump is designed to form a tight seal with your body.

4. Operate the Pump

Pump and push it towards your pubic bone. The valve ejects water, and the pressure creates an erection. Subsequently, your penis is drawn up the tube.

Finally, compress the man valve to let go of the pressure, then remove the pump safely. The entire process varies between 10-15 minutes, with 2-3 intervals each 4-5 minutes.


With all the functional features and attractive design, it has never been easier and fun to get a bigger penis with Bathmate Hydromax is designed with your size to gain needs in mind.

The penis pump is designed with strong materials, making it a safe investment. Hydromax by Bathmate is easier to use and comes at a relatively affordable price.