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Hydro Series Review and Results

What is Bathmate Hydro Series?

Hydro Series Review and Results

With all the positive reviews that Bathmate hydro series have got online, it is easy to assume that you know about Bathmate hydro series in details, but no. There is a lot about Bathmate hydro series that you have not known about. To start us off, what is Bathmate hydro series? How does it work? Where can I get a genuine one? These questions, plus others will help you know a lot about Bathmate hydro series.

Bathmate hydromax pump is the world’s best penis enlargement tool. Bathmate hydromax series has been selling more than 250,000 pumps every single year in more than 70 countries. These figures still remain dreams for other penis enlargement devices.

However, Bathmate hydro series have not reached such heights through hype and empty PR campaigns–success of Bathmate hydro series can solely be attributed to its effectiveness at what it is made to achieve–optimum penis health and improved sexual experience.

More length, more girth, more fun!

When you use Bathmate hydro series, you are assured of growing your penis in all aspects. You can add a few inches to your girth and more to your length. You no longer have to endure the shame of having a penis too small that it does not fit well in your partner’s mons.

Does your penis get out when she coughs? Lol! That would be serious, but honestly, you can have your penis size increased and the results will remain permanent after a six weeks of using Bathmate hydro series consistently.

How does it work?

Bathmate uses the power of warm water suction to create a vacuum in the plastic tube. When the vacuum is created, your penis will enlarge to fill the space left by water. The bulging action of the penis forces blood to rush into the penis making your penis inflated.

This simple action will give you a pumped up penis, but after consistent use, the results will be permanent. This is one of the safest ways to grow your penis gradually for permanent results.

How do I know the right Bathmate hydro pump for me?

The success of your sessions will depend largely on the appropriateness of the pump you are using. We might all need to increase the size of our ‘tools’, but we have different sizes and so choosing the right pump is very important.

Most people are flattered to believe that the bigger the pump the better, no, when the pump is too big the suction pressure will not be adequate. On the other hand, when the pump is too small the room for growth will be limited.

Use the size guide on Bathmate’s official website to help you choose the right pump for your penis. Note that, the more expensive the pump is, doesn’t mean it is the best for you. Strictly use the size guide for best results.

Where can I get a genuine Bathmate hydro series pump?

Well, with bathmate being the best penis enlargement, there might be many people selling fakes. It is therefore advisable to buy only from bathmate hydro series official website. If you buy from the official website you not only get the genuine products, but you also get the 60-day Moneyback guarantee. Here is the official website: https://officialhydromaxpump.com/


About Hydro7 Bath Pump

About Hydro7 Bath Pump

Is hydro7 bath pump safe?

To tell the truth, most people who have asked me how the hydro7 works have always hinted on its safety. When people hear how wonderful this pump works, they believe that no pump should give such amazing results without serious health complications.

Well, it is always prudent to now how safe a pump is so that you can keep your safe limits, however, Hydro7 is made with emphasis to the general penis health and not just about increasing the size.

This pump has been tested for safety and is certified by health authorities like the Aspen Clinical Research. Your safety is guaranteed when using Hydro7 so it shouldn’t bother you much.

Hydro7 has sold over a million in over 90 countries

The Hydro7 bath pump is one of the Bathmate products that have sold so well worldwide. Ever since it was released in 2006, the Hydro7 has been hailed for its effectiveness which has made it a favorite among users.

It is also called Bathmate Hercules because of how potent it is in giving immediate results. Let’s face it, with so many pumps sold and many positive reviews online, Hydro7 bath pump has the social credibility as one of the best hydro pump ever made.

Hydro7 is the world’s first hydro pump with other benefits other than penis enlargement

Most penis enlargement pumps only do the basic task of increasing the penis length. However length is not the only aspect of penis health that you need to consider to have a satisfactory sex.

You also need to consider sex drive, quality of erections, and even the length of time you can have sex. Hydro7 is an innovation that helps you with many of these issues. Here are more benefits you get when you buy Hydro7 bath pump :

Harder erections – When it comes to erections, the size of the penis does not matter much. You can have the best penis size but if it can’t achieve a harder erection the sex will not be fun. Wobbly penis does not do a good job during penetration and so you need a harder erection to enjoy sex and satisfy your partner. Hydro7 gives you harder erections, add this to increased girth and length and you have a therapeutic penis!

Longer-lasting erections – With Hydro7 you don’t only get stronger erections, but you are assured that the erection will last longer. This gives you the confidence since you are assured that your erection will wait for your partner to orgasm before you ejaculate. The best bit is that, you can even be having hard erections even after ejaculating, adding you the privilege of having multiple rounds without stopping.

In conclusion, if you need instant results with a balance of penis health, then Hydro7 bath pump is for you. It is safe and offers you so much more than just an increase in girth and length. Get more confidence with this product as its results are permanent after six weeks of consistent use.


The Hydro Series Pump: A Review of A Highly Innovative Pump

Bathmate Hydro Series Review

The Bathmate Hydro series comprising of the Hydro7 pump is a highly innovative product with the capacity to provide a great kick to your male enhancement efforts. Even though the series comprised of two pumps (Hercules and Goliath) that were a big hit in the industry, now you only have the Hydro7 in the series.

But this doesn’t mean you’re missing out anything. In this Bathmate Hydro series review, we shall find out what you can naturally expect while using the amazingly powerful pump.

The Hydro7 pump is a good choice for those just beginning their journey of male enhancement. DX Products – the owner of the brand is renowned for its high-quality penis pumps, which have fast become popular, due to the results they produce within a short period of time.

Therefore, if you fall within the ages of 18-45 years, you can rely on Bathmate to produce the results you always desired within record time. The results have been proven by millions of users from all over the world, which is a testament to the results you can expect.

The Hydro7 series boasts of a unique, original design that has won over the hears of countless users. A lot of work went into designing the product to ensure it meets the industry standards and the outcome is impressive, as it outshines the rest of the competition.

Due to the high level of research and development, users of the newly improved pump can enjoy a superb, topnotch product that promises unmatched comfort levels.

If you compare the hydro series pump with an extender, for instance, users have often complained that the latter causes great discomfort during normal use, which is made worse by the fact that they must be worn for several hours at a time.

However, the Hydro7 and other penis pumps under the Bathmate brand will only require you to set aside a small time investment lasting just 15 minutes each day.

What makes the Hydro7 a Superb Penis Pump?

While you can either choose to use the pump with or without water, it is highly recommended that you use water to make it even more effective. Water is an incomprehensible substance, meaning it will evenly distribute the vacuum power over the entire length of your penis.

As a result, more blood will end up circulating in and out of the penis. When more blood flows in your penis, then you can expect harder erections lasting even longer periods.

How the Hydro7 Compares To the Competition

Like the rest of the Bathmate pumps, the Hydro7 does a fantastic job and the results can be speeded up by combining the penis pumping sessions with carefully planned penile exercises. Even so, you need to use the penis pump correctly as recommended for the desired results.

Unlike the traditional vacuum pumps and other tools popular used for male enhancement purposes, the Hydro7 allows you to enjoy results that you see within a matter of weeks.


Why Bathmate Hydro Series Perfect For Beginner

Why Bathmate Hydro Series Perfect For Beginner

1. Instant results – For beginners, there is always the need to see instant results so that the motivation to continue is built on the first encounter with a penis enlargement pump. With Bathmate hydro series you get an instant visible results.

When you use Bathmate correctly for the first 15 minutes of the session, you will see your penis getting longer in the pump as you pump. The sight of water sputtering out though the valve as your penis grows longer to fill the space the water leaves behind is enough motivation to continue with the sessions.

2. Instructional video – When you hop into the official Bathmate hydro series website, you will see variety of pumps for use. Most importantly, you will also spot an instructional video that will show you how you should use the Bathmate hydro pumps both in the shower and in the bathtub. This guide is helpful for a first time user and goes along way in helping them get the best results and stay safe during the sessions.

3. 60-Day Moneyback guarantee – For so many new users, it matters so much that they get what they are paying for. However a lot of purchases done online do not come with a safety guarantee that you will get the value for your money.

Bathmate is different, it gives you the promised value, but also gives you the liberty to have your money back should you feel the results you expected are far from the results you are getting so far. This makes it easier for a beginner to make the purchasing decision as he is assured that he can recover his money if he feels unsatisfied.

4. Safety of the user – When it comes to sex toys and penis enlargement methods, what normally holds people back is the fear of side-effects of using these sex tools. However, with Bathmate you are assured of safety.

The pumps go through a rigorous safety check before they are verified safe for use. I cannot emphasize enough that all Bathmate pumps are tested and certified by the Aspen Clinical Research to ascertain their safety for users.

5. The user controls the pressure – What would you fear when you have total control of the suction pressure? The pump can help you achieve your desired size, but you decide how you will get there.

When using the Bathmate pumps, you exert the right pressure and wait, you can always know your limits. The pump doesn’t increase the suction pressure uncontrollably and that makes it safer for beginners .

Also, the sessions are shorter, but yield great results. It would be easier for a beginner to keep a routine he can easily adapt to. That is how great results are achieved–routine, with the end goal in mind.


How To Use Bathmate Hydro Series

Bathmate hydro series work so well and have got a reputation for being one of the best penis enlargement methods. however, if you do not know how to use it you will not get the best results. In this article we will show you how to use bathmate hydro series in an easy-to-follow step by step process.

Yes, this article will enhance your safety as you use Bathmate hydro series. It will also help you get the best results every time you use it. Before we go into the step by step process, let’s go over some important details you should remember:

Ease of use

Right now you have no clue how Bathmate hydro series pumps work, but you should not fret because the pumps are made to enhance ease of use. Having the belief that Bathmate hydro pumps are hard to use might make it hard for you to learn. Have it in your mind, that using Bathmate hydro pumps is as easy as singing ABCs, you can only be taught once.

Duration of the session

Please, do not begin the process if you have no time for the whole process. For you to have the best experience and get the best results, use the pump for 15 minutes per session. Also, how you use the Bathmate pump while in shower is totally different from how you use it in bathtub.

How do you use bathmate hydro series? Here is how you should be using Bathmate Hydro series.

How to use in bathtub

Step 1: Preparing the pump

  • Push down and slide latch into central position
  • Select comfort pad and insert it into the pump via the gaiter. align the markings
  • You can rotate the gaiter and the vessel to either use the measuring gauge or not.

Step two: Pumping

  • Stay in the bath for five minutes to set the right environment for the pump use.
  • Fill Bathmate hydro pump with water
  • Insert penis, chamfer facing down
  • Ensure there is a tight seal with pump and body
  • Pump to create suction and expel water from the valve
  • Penis will be drawn in the pump

Step 3: Removing the pump

  • compress the valve to release pressure

How to use in shower

  • Stand in the shower for 5 minutes to set the right environment for the pumping session
  • Push down and slide latch into central position
  • Select comfort pad and insert it into the pump via the gaiter
  • Align the markings
  • Insert the pump with chamfer facing up
  • While the Bathmate hydro pump is tightly sealed against the body, move the valve to the center
  • Form a tight seal between the pump and the body
  • Push the pump to the pubic bone so that water will be ejected from the valve
  • As the water leaves penis will be drawn into the pump
  • Re-pump to maintain pressure
  • Compress the valve to remove pressure.

Well, this is how easy it is to use Bathmate hydro series. Always, ensure that you compress the valve to remove the pressure. Some first users often have the problem of pulling the pump away from the penis to release the tight seal between the body and the pump. Compressing makes removing the pump a painless process.


The Best Bathmate Routine For Quicker Gains & The Best Results

Best Bathmate Routine For Quicker Gains

You recently acquired a new Bathmate hydro series pump and you’re probably wondering how you can get the most from the device by getting the results you always desired. Of course, if you spend money on a device that promises great results, then you’d obviously need it to work as promised.

Before you begin using a penis pump, it is advisable that you consult a doctor. Below is a helpful guide that carefully outlines the best Bathmate routine for maximum results.

Bathmate Only

Men use Bathmate pumps for different reasons. When you need the best possible results, you’ll find that you get the most when you simplify your penile exercising routine. Instead of pumping excessively several times a day, it is highly recommended that you reduce the amount of time that you spend pumping.

No matter your reasons for using a Bathmate penis pump, we shall provide you with a highly effective routine that works wonders for men who want to use the device for purposes of penis enlargement.

If you decide to solely use Bathmate pumps for your penis enlargement training, then your routine should ideally look like this:

Week 1: Always remember to warm up (It might not be necessary with a Bathmate, but I’ve personally done it always with amazing results). Use the device for 5-7 minutes while your manhood is still in a flaccid state.

Week 2: Warm up and use your Bathmate device for eight minutes while your penis is still in a flaccid state, and then cool down.

Week 3: Warm up, then use Bathmate for at least 8 minutes while your penis is at 60% erection.

Week 4: Warm up and increase the pumping period to 10 minutes while your penis is semi-erect.

Remember to perform the routine at least 4 times each week. I would personally recommend 2 training days and take an off day in the first week of training. in the next four days, resort to engaging in 2 days of training and two days off.

If you prefer, you can maintain a daily pumping routine. It is important that you determine what works perfectly for you. Most importantly, you need to set aside some rest days, as this allows for recovery.

It is important that you read the Bathmate instructional guide thoroughly before you kick off your training routine. Also, remember not to pump too hard and rigorously. By doing so, you risk bursting blood vessels in your penis, which might result in swelling of your dick or other serious symptoms such as excessive expansion.

Summary: Best Bathmate Routine for Maximum Results

When it comes to penis pumping, you should not overdo it. Remember, when you overdo it with the training, you risk losing out on gains and worse still you might injure yourself in the process. Take your time and progress gradually to the more advanced forms of training.

The gains you need will certainly come and Bathmate makes realizing the gains so much fun. By following the simple routines suggested, it will be easier for you to realize gains fast while getting the most from your Bathmate hydro series pump.


My Personal Experience With Bathmate Hydro Series

Personal Experience With Bathmate Hydro Series

I rarely talk about my experiences with sex toys and penis enhancement devices. This is because I rarely find valuable information worth sharing. You know how it is; you use a product hoping for jaw-dropping results but when you are done you are back in the same spot with a good amount of dollars lost. However, I find my personal experience with Bathmate hydro series worth sharing.

How did it begin?

I hate to say this, but I had weak erections that could not last longer than ten minutes. Not say that I had the best size, but a 6.2 is moderate and can give you a good sexual experience if the erection is harder and lasts longer than 30 minutes. My biggest worry was not the size, I could make do with my size, but the weak erections were a pain in the arse!

I tried a diet and some Kegel exercises as I was advised, but little changed. I got desperate and that’s when I began surfing the net for better ways to solve my problem. Bathmate hydro series was among the first few suggestions that I got from the first page of Google.

The reviews were impressive and I chose Hydro7 as the size guide suggested. I ordered and I loved how it was packaged when it arrived.

First use…

Have you ever felt anxious trying out a new product? I swear I watched the instructional video on the Bathmate’s official website repeatedly just to make sure I did everything right. The video somehow convinced me that using Bathmate hydro pump was easier in the bathtub than in the shower.

I ran bath and stayed in it for about 5 minutes, all this time admiring the pump in my hand with high expectations. I used the pump for about 18 minutes. The most exhilarating experience was watching my penis ‘grow’ in the tube! I’ll be honest, when I pulled the pump out, I had some bulge, but it wasn’t a big one as I had expected.

The girth had increased more than the length had. I later learnt that for my size, increase in length was not as visible as it would be for someone with a much smaller penis.

The sessions that followed were better, the penis appeared bigger even when I was out of the shower. I felt it when I wore my briefs.

Sexual was different…

At the time I bought the pump, my girlfriend was in Haiti for a 3-week research. Man, I had to wait for all that time to test how good the sex was!

When it happened, we were both surprised. I had a new stamina that got her jerking her head back and forth with pleasure. The erection was harder and the strokes hit the right spots. It is just amazing how a vagina feels new after using Bathmate hydro7 pump.

The girth just fit her tighter and as the new length goaded he in new places. An extra inch to your length does wonders to your sex.

When the orgasm came, she vibrated beneath me. I had never experienced such an intense climax. Penetrating for more than 40 minutes was a dream come true, but rising up back on top of her for another round barely five minutes after the first was my miracle for 2016! I have been using the Bathmate hydro series pump since November 2016, and the results have been amazing!


Should You Buy Bathmate Hydro Series?

If you value the quality of sex; the hardness of erections, the size of your girth, the length of penetration, and the duration of sex, then you might be interested in improving the size of your penis. Luckily, there are other benefits that come with penis enlargement. Here are some reasons why you should buy Bathmate hydro series:

Good for long-term and short-term use – Using Bathmate gives you the assurance of having a good penis size for both short term and long term preferences. When you begin having consistent sessions, you will experience better sex as a result of instant results.

After using the Bathmate hydro series for a period of six weeks consistently, the results will be permanent. In fact, after using Bathmate for some time, you can begin having less sessions as you pursue your dream size.

Shorter sessions – To get the best results you will not have to use Bathmate hydro series for hours every session. You can have as short as 15 minutes per session and still have a better penis health. The advantage of shorter sessions is that you can have your sessions while taking a bath in your shower or bathtub. 15 minutes is short enough for you even if you wanted to have your sessions in secret.

Harder erections – When you use Bathmate hydro series you not only enlarge your penis but also increase the strength of your erections. The warm water distributes the suction pressure around your entire penis helping to boost blood flow around the penis hence giving you harder erections that last longer.

Better orgasms – Most people I have interacted with ask me if the pump affects cum quantity and interferes with your ability to have orgasms. The truth is, using Bathmate hydro series does not interfere with your orgasms. As a matter of fact, stronger erections, increased girth, and longer penis will improve your strokes and thus can help your partner have better orgasms.

Safe Suction Pressure – With Bathmate hydro pumps you are more in control of the pressure. You can pump while maintaining the safe levels. The vacuum does not pump on its own, therefore the pressure will not build to a dangerous level.

Different pumps for different levels – Bathmate hydro series work safely because they have the specific pumps for different levels of use. There is variety for the results you wish to see. The bathmate hydro series for beginners will give you good results.


Bathmate Hydro Series Pros and Cons

Pros of Bathmate Hydro Series

Well, Bathmate Hydro series wouldn’t be so popular if the products did not have a single advantage. Here are some of the cons of Bathmate Hydro Series:

1. Helps you get harder erections – Unlike most penis enlargements pumps that focuses only on increasing the size of the penis, Bathmate hydro series focuses on the quality of erections too. Once you begin using Bathmate Hydro Series regularly you will experience harder erections that last longer.

2. Increases the penis both in girth and length – Bathmate hydro series work in such a way that the penis size is increased from both angles. It does not stretch the muscles so that only the length increases as common with other penis enlargement pumps. This ability to grow penis in all aspects makes it a better choice since the penis will still keep its normal shape even with increased size. It also doesn’t leave a mass of skin hanging.

3. Made for safety and comfort – When you use Bathmate hydro pumps you do not feel the itching or any other discomfort on your penis. It is a painless process. The thermoplastic used in making the pumps is soft on your skin and last longer.

4. Made to enhance penis health – Bathmate hydro series helps in improving blood circulation in the penis hence causing more stable erections in a healthy way. The enlargement of penis due to blood flow is safer than any other enlargement process that wears down the tissues around the penis.

5. Convenience – Bathmate hydro pumps are very easy to use. The latest hydro pumps in the series are even more convenient to use since you will not even need to pump after placing it on your member.

Cons of Bathmate Hydro Series

Though bathmate hydro series are practically the best penis enlargement option, lets look at some of its disadvantages:

1. Regular use – When people hear about Bathmate Hydro Series having sold millions of pumps worldwide, most think that it is like the ‘touch and go’ kind of remedies peddled online. No. Bathmate pumps work in a moderated pace to enhance the penis health. Therefore, you will have to use Bathmate Hydro Series regularly to reach your desired size.

2. Too many choices – When you visit their website you will be bombarded by many Bathmate pumps that you would not know which one to use. This is the hurdle most beginners face, but what most people do not know is that, the pumps are used in different levels. There are Bathmate pumps for beginners and advanced Bathmate series like the Hydroxtreme series that are recommended for advanced users.


Bathmate Hydro Series FAQ

Bathmate Hydro Series FAQ

Bathmate hydro series being a widely successful penis enlargement regimen, a lot of questions remain unanswered especially for prospects who would like to try the pumps for the first time.

Seeking information can help you make the decision whether to use Bathmate hydro series. Even after making the decision to use Bathmate hydro knowing the right information can help you use the products in the right way for better results. Here are some Bathmate hydro series FAQ:

1. At what age should I begin using Bathmate hydro series?

Every person who is old enough to engage in sex can use Bathmate hydro series. If you wish to increase the length and girth of your penis you can use Bathmate hydro series. However, it is good to note that you should comply with statutory law for sexual consent.

If you are old enough to decide on your own will to engage in sex then you are old enough for using Bathmate. In some states that could be 18 years.

2. Is Bathmate hydro series safe?

This could be the best thing with Bathmate. All the parts of the pump that get in contact with your skin have been tested and verified to be totally safe. Bathmate hydro pumps are certified by Aspen Clinical Research to ensure they are totally safe to use.

3. How many minutes do I need per session?

Contrary to what many people think, you don’t have to use Bathmate hydro for longer sessions. Just take between 15-20 minutes per session and you will be impressed by the results. You only have to be consistent.

4. How do I know the right Bathmate pump to use?

Though there are many Bathmate Hydro pumps, you will definitely be guided on which one to use as the pumps are for different levels of experience. We have pumps for beginners and pumps for advanced users.

5. How can I expedite the process of penis enlargement while using Bathmate Hydro Series?

We recommend patience while using Bathmate Hydro pumps because the results we give are longer lasting and we don’t advocate for quick fixes. However, you can incorporate exercise into your routines for quicker results.

6. Why must I use water?

Well, as the name suggests, Bathmate hydro series use warm water to give you the results. It is because of the power of water suction that the pump can improve the size of the penis in both girth and length.

7. How long does the results last?

Well Bathmate hydro series are made to give you longer lasting results. After using Bathmate hydro series for six weeks consistently, the results will be permanent.

8. What happens if I don’t like the pumps after purchase?

Every pump that is sold comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, If you don’t like the pump, just send it back within 60 days and you will get your money back. No haggling about that.


Bathmate Hydro Series Testimonials

“I swear I almost hated sex after a series of failed erections. What happens is, you feel it in your gut and your entire system that you want to really have a satisfying, lengthy sex but your penis just refuses to erect. I began dreading any romantic sessions with may girlfriend because I knew my manhood would just wobble and fail to do the much needed task–penetration. My case was even worse because my girlfriend won’t say a word about it, but the way she looks at you! You just hear her screaming ‘dude what’s wrong with you’. It took me a week of being a night owl just browsing the Internet for best ways to solve my erectile dysfunction. I am glad I found Bathmate, because after a month, I can now pound properly and my confidence is above the roof.” – Eric from Ulysses.

Man, you don’t know how pleasurable it feels when your girth can perfectly fill her mons…whoa! It is such a beautiful surprise, you feel the sensations on your glans and your whole body reverberates in sensual pleasures. I do not accept what people say that the size does not matter–man, how does it feel to have a lengthy sex with 5.3? NO! I love my game with the best tool. I love it when my big member slides in smoothly and she jerks her head backwards in salute! It’s pleasure man, it makes me feel more in control That is what I got with Bathmate series”. – William from Washington DC.

“If you ask me, sexual failures have a way of affecting other facets of your life. When I began having short erections, when I couldn’t last more than ten minutes on top of my wife, I lost faith in myself. I became so depressed, even waking up for work became a problem. I couldn’t even hang out with my boys in the hood because all they talked about was how they were banging new chics. I tried few herbal remedies but they didn’t work. I learnt about Bathmate when I began doing research online, but I ignored until a month later when it was the only method I hadn’t tried. I have been using Bathmate series for 8 months and I can attest to it’s effectiveness. I have my sex drive on, I have my confidence back. I am a new man“- Vince from Texas

“If you love your woman, you will go an extra mile to give her what she wants. I am glad that with Bathmate Hydromax pumps I have the best solution for her thrills“- Jordan from New York.

“I don’t know if you feel the same way, but I have noticed that when the quality of sex is great then every other facet of the relationship works fine. When I met Lucy and we had a nasty sexual experience, I knew she wouldn’t stay. My size was small, a 5.4 wasn’t something for her. I began using Bathmate series and things changed. I have Diane now, and we are happy with our sexual health”- Bernard from Houston.