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Popular Bathmate Questions Series – Bathmate VS Regular Pump

Bathmate VS Regular Pump

Potential buyers always want to know which one is best when comparing Bathmate vs regular pump. The Bathmate hydro pumps have become very popular since they rely on the force of water rather than air. The fact that water is used in hydro pumps means the pressure is distributed evenly along the entire length of the penis.

The regular pumps are widely used for providing relief for the men experiencing erectile dysfunction. Since they are designed to treat male impotence, they can be used for maintaining erections. It is additionally important to note that these pumps use air as opposed to water, meaning there are many risks involved.

Even though the traditional pumps deliver better results for some individuals with micropenis syndrome, the Bathmate hydro pumps are more efficient for treating Peyronie’s disease or erectile dysfunction. The adjustable traditional pumps, on the other hand, are more beneficial for resolving micropenis related problems as they are designed to fit the penile length.

Many doctors recommend the hydro pumps like Bathmate for individuals experiencing erectile dysfunction mainly because these male enhancement devices encourage a more natural reaction by forcing more blood to flow to the nether regions. If you’re suffering the effects of ED due to stress, using a Bathmate or Hydromax pump will help you relax better. Peyronies disease also responds better to Bathmate hydro pumps, as it helps minimize the level of pain experienced with this disease. Since not all cases of ED are permanent, using a Bathmate hydro pump is helpful for maintaining the length of the penis.

If you compare Bathmate vs regular pump or air pumps, you discover that Bathmate hydro pumps are the most preferred. The medical condition of the affected individual and the reasons for using a pump ultimately determine the most suitable one. If your goal is male enhancement, then Bathmate is the solution.


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