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Bathmate Series : A World Class HydroPump

Bathmate Series

When it comes to penis enhancement, Bathmate is considered the leading hydro pump for a good reason. The pump simply produces results, and it does so in a safe and efficient way. So, what can you expect with regard to the Bathmate series products? Below we shall discuss the range of Bathmate pumps available for you.

Bathmate Original

The original was the first hydro pump to be launched into the market. It comes in three colors and two sizes. Therefore, if you prefer to order the originals, then you will have a choice of three colors to choose from.

A Game Changer

The Bathmate original is a creation that completely changes the game in the penis enhancement industry, thanks to its innovative features. Even though it was launched in the year 2006, the device is still used by many men. Over a million devices have been sold worldwide.

Like the newer Bathmate Hydromax pumps, the Bathmate series Original is manufactured using carefully selected materials. The materials are high-quality medical grade, meaning they do not cause any kind of skin irritations. To prove this fact, the products undergo rigorous dermatological testing, which is conducted by Aspen Clinical Research. The tests show that the Original is completely safe.

Bathmate Hercules

The Hercules is a worldwide patented hydro pump and a best-seller penis pump used by countless men from different parts of the globe. To get the most from the hydro pump it is best to use it in the shower or bathtub. Furthermore, the Hercules provides you with a safe, efficient and convenient way to provide exercise for your penis while utilizing the power of water. Besides making your penis bigger, regular and consistent use of the device will certainly promote the good health of your penis. After a while, you will also have harder erections that last longer thus leading to more satisfying sex.

Bathmate Goliath

The Goliath is slightly larger than Hercules. It is actually the largest hydro pump in the world. Following the huge success of the Bathmate Hercules, there was a sharp rise in the demand for a bigger hydro penis pump with the capacity to hold bigger dicks. This led to the introduction of the now famous Bathmate Goliath.

The manufacturer of The Bathmate series original pumps is so confident in the products that users are given the opportunity to try out the devices for 60 days. If you’ve ever wanted to have a bigger penis, then you can test the Bathmate pumps within this period and witness the results. If the results are not pleasant, you can send it back for a full refund.

The Bathmate Original devices comprise of a one piece sealed system that is easy to clean and us. The Bathmate devices are considered premium equipment with built in bellows system designed for greater comfort, enhanced suction power, and durability. The leading penis enhancement devices can conveniently be used in the shower or bathtub.

If you’re searching for the most reliable penis pump, then Bathmate series is definitely the right device for you.