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Bathmate penis pump usage and about your sexual partner

Welcome to an insightful discussion on the usage of Bathmate penis pump and how it can affect your sexual partner. In this article, we delve into the realm of self-improvement, mindset, and expectations surrounding penile enlargement techniques. By gaining valuable insights, you can navigate the world of Bathmate pumps with a better understanding of their potential effects on your sexual relationships.

Exploring Bathmate Penis Pump Usage and Its Impact on Your Sexual Partner

Besides confidence, whether that’s in the bedroom, the locker room, or just the feeling of being bigger. There’s an aspect that we have to consider, and that’s the act of sex itself. Being conservative about what you want to achieve with penis enlargement with bathmate and other methods is critical. Not only for you to keep a realistic goal and understand the limitations of what you can accomplish. But, it also will be a surprise for your sexual partner as well.

Contrary to popular belief, your sexual partner doesn’t want to be fisted all the time with a dick that’s as fat as a forearm. My wife sometimes tells me I’m getting too big, but once foreplay is involved and lube, of course, things go much smoother. And she seems to like the added thickness.

We guys have a tendency not to believe our sexual partners because we all hear the story of the “bigger ex.” And it makes us wonder if they’re lying to make us feel better or if they’re truthful. I will be coining the term “bigger-ex syndrome” because I think that it’s valid when it comes to how we can perceive ourselves as men.

The “bigger-ex” had a nice car, more money, a bigger house, or a dick that was the size of a Pringles can. And now you find yourself comparing to them. Or better yet, you find yourself comparing yourself to a porn star. That is the worst way to try and achieve something in life.

The Importance of Personal Mindset in Penile Enlargement

I get a lot of messages about being desperate to do PE, and you should never feel such desperation. PE, as well as other aspects of your life, should be an extension of yourself. PE is about your pleasure and not the pleasure of what you think you should be. With that mindset, you could become the size of a forearm, and it wouldn’t be satisfying. You will feel that you’re still too small because someone was a little bigger.

I find it crazy that I would like to be the size of Julio Gomez, and for a while, that started to cloud my judgment. I started feeling like I wasn’t enough; even though my wife and other women in the past have said I was their “bigger-ex,” I still didn’t feel that way. PE is fun. I like teaching it (when I have the time), and I love the thick heavy feeling after a good session.

But in reality, I don’t think I would want to be the size of Julio Gomez. That’s a bit excessive. It’s like going to the gym. We’ve all seen that one dude walking around that looks like he uses Dbol in his coffee instead of sugar. And while we think it would be cool to be that big, some of those big dudes look like they can’t wipe their asses. And Julio Gomez looks like he can barely do anything with his size with these ladies.

The point I’m trying to make is, do it for yourself, be your very best self, and fvck all of the other noise around you.