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Bathmate Size Chart Helps Ensure You Acquire The Right Size

Bathmate Size Chart

Before investing in a Bathmate or Hydromax pump, it is important that you get the right size, which should not be so difficult considering you can now refer to the Bathmate size chart. Below we provide a simple guide to help you maneuver the process.

Beginners (Average Size)

If you’re a beginner with Bathmate and your dick measures anywhere between 5 and 6.5 inches, the Hydromax X30 or Hercules variants are recommended for you. While these pumps are standard in terms of size, the X30 delivers more power and better results. Even so, the Hercules variant still performs great at a fraction of the cost of the X series. You also have the option of the Xtreme X30 if you’re willing to spend more considering all the accessories are included in this package.

Stats for the Hercules and Hydromax X30

Erect girth – can support a max. of 5.5”
Erect length – can support a max. of 7.5”

If you’re any bigger than the above specifications, then you might want to consider investing in an X40.

Intermediate (Above Average)

If your dick measures 7.5-8.5 inches in length and 5.5-7 inches in girth, it is advisable that you go for the Hydromax X40 or the XX40 that gives you more value for money. These pumps are big enough for the average guy. However, if your goal is to get even bigger, then the Xtreme variants supplied with a handball pump as part of the package will certainly boost suction power.

X40 Stats

Erect penis length – up to 8.5 inches max. length
Erect penis girth – up to 7 inches max. girth

Should you realize that your pump is becoming tighter, consider switching to a bigger model. If your dick is more than 8.5” with a girth of 7 inches or more, you should switch and get the biggest Bathmate pump.

Advanced User (Big Size)

The Goliath variant is the largest pump you could buy for yourself from the official website. This pump is humongous. In fact, most men may never need, unless you’ve got a HUGE dick or you’ve registered considerable growth over the past months using the other small Bathmate pumps. Therefore, only choose the Goliath if you’re dick size is considerable.

Goliath Stats

Erect length – 9.7” max.Erect Girth – 8” max

The Goliath is the largest in terms of size, which means you cannot order any other pump bigger than this one. To maintain the gains you’ve made over the weeks, you will find it helpful to adopt a maintenance pumping routine by using the Goliath at least thrice each week.

Prior to purchasing your preferred Bathmate or Hydromax pump, it is important that you refer to the official Bathmate size chart. Bathmate and Hydromax pumps are high-performance devices that cater to the unique preferences and demands of each user, whether small or big. Therefore, you should choose the most suitable size for your penis and start working towards making some serious gains with these innovative pumps.

Bear in mind that Bathmate pumps have been tested and proven to deliver the results promised. So, order your Bathmate today and experience the amazing results delivered by the newer and more effective hydro pumps.