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No Results From Bathmate? Here’s Why

No Results From Bathmate

As a Bathmate user, you obviously expect to see results when you purchase and use the world’s best penis pump. If you feel you are getting no results from Bathmate after numerous pumping sessions, then you are definitely doing something wrong. The same applies when you hit the plateau and no meaningful results are forthcoming.

No Penis Size Gains Does Not Equate To no Progress

Like your muscles, your penis should get enough time to recover, grow, and adapt. Remember, it may take some men a while to see gains materialize, and the gains are more visible when the penis is in a flaccid state initially. Therefore, you should exercise patience for the next couple of weeks and consider implementing a different routine. Also, if you are noticing no size increases when using the Hydromax pumps, make the pumping sessions longer and harder.


Are you engaging in a daily Bathmate routine? If you are not consistent with the sessions, then there is absolutely no way you can expect to see results. Note that that the pump is not a magical tool, and as such, you cannot use it inconsistently with the hopes of gaining meaningful results. It is imperative that you dedicate yourself to the recommended Bathmate sessions. Motivate yourself if you start missing out on the sessions. For example, if you successfully complete your sessions for any given month, reward yourself with a shopping trip or treat yourself to something you would enjoy.

While you may have the desire to make your penis bigger, it would not be wise to buy the Goliath if this size does not suit you. This particular size of penis pump is meant for men with really big penises. The X30 or the Hercules will suit most men. Afterward, you can upgrade to the bigger X40, but only get the Goliath if your penis is MASSIVE.

Lack of penis size gains could also mean that you are not producing a sufficient amount of suction force, or you are not pumping long enough. You need to gradually increase the vacuum force every week to stimulate and boost growth. If you keep pumping and only produce the same amount of pressure daily, then you are not doing enough. Just like the weightlifter who increases to heavier weights every week, consider doing the same for your Bathmate sessions.

Your Bathmate sessions should last for 15 minutes/day. If for whatever reason you are not in a position to engage in daily pumping routines, then you should do at least 20 minutes per session to make up for the lost time. The intensity and time you spend during your Bathmate sessions is what gets you the results you desire. If you feel this might not work for you, then increase your Bathmate sessions by 2 more minutes and increase the level of suction.

No results from Bathmate is a common thing with users who do not follow instructions and do not maintain consistency in their Bathmate sessions. If you want good results, maintain consistency and use the devices as recommended by the manufacturer.