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Bathmate Jelqing Results And What To Expect

Bathmate Jelqing Results

Men all around the world are seeking male enhancement methods that actually work to give results. Fortunately, Bathmate hydro pumps are devices that can help you have a bigger penis with proper and consistent use. Combining Bathmate with other routines is also an excellent way of speeding up results. A good example of a routine that can be combined with Bathmate is jelqing. Actually Bathmate jelqing results have been quite impressive for men who have tried combining the two techniques.


Jelqing is one of the penis exercises that is vital for natural penis enhancement. Many people who have tried it out have reported massive gains and harder erections after successfully performing the routine for several weeks. By combining Bathmate and jelqing, you can add two inches or more to the girth and length of your penis. The exercise should ideally be done consistently for a period of 5-20 minutes each day for 5 days per week. Do not forget to warm up and then warm down after completing the routine.

50% of the penis comprises of muscle and soft tissue. As a result, it can be trained through exercise routines to make it bigger. While exercising a process popularly known as controlled damage occurs which is essential for rebuilding the muscle and other soft tissue of the penis. Consequently, the penis becomes bigger.

The jelq forces more blood to rush through the penile shaft, thereby increasing internal pressure. To perform the exercise, make an OK sign using your forefinger and your thumb. With the two fingers making the OK sign, grip your penis at the base while it is partially erect and firmly restrict blood flow and move your hand forward to the head of your penis so that pressure is created. Perform the action described using your other hand. Continue with the same process while swapping your hands. Each stroke should take approximately 3 seconds.

To get the most from your jelqing sessions, it is wise that you warm up prior to commencing the routine. You can get into the shower and run some warm water along your penis which is one of the simplest ways of warming up. A warm water bottle or wash cloth will also work just fine.

Furthermore, wet jelqing is recommended where lubricant is used to reduce the risk of injury or friction. So, you may use KY jelly or your preferred water-based lubricants. However, do not use soap as it will cause you some pain if it accidentally gets to the head of your penis.

If you would like to get the best results and make your penis bigger, it is advisable that you use a Bathmate hydro pump. Bathmate penis pumps are designed to help you make significant gains to the length and girth of your penis, thereby enabling you to satisfy your partner and bring back the magic to the bedroom. In just a matter of weeks, you should be able to witness truly promising results. Note that Bathmate jelqing results are real and many men all over the globe attest to the wonders of these penis enhancement routines.