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Bathmate Hydromax Series VS Bathmate HydroXtreme Series

Bathmate Hydromax Series VS Bathmate HydroXtreme SeriesThe fight between Bathmate Hydromax Series vs Bathmate HydroXtreme series heats like a dumbbell. People argue over which is more powerful and which is more efficient in enlarging a penis. Well, you are just about to find out!

Hydromax Series

1. 35% stronger bellows

The Bathmate Hydromax Series is an upgraded edition of the initial Hydro Series. Unlike the Hercules, the Bathmate Hydromax Series has bellows that are 35 percent stronger. Hence, you can form suction – as you desire – with the least effort possible.

2. Wider bellows

The bellows are wider too. This lets you expend the girth at a greater length. The gasket-looking seal on the top of the bellows is improved as well. Thus, the Hydromax is more comfortable and reduces the loss of suction.

3. Upgraded single-way valve

In addition, the single-way valve was upgraded. When filling the Hydromax Series with water, all you need to do is to flip the valve. This frees your hand while the Hydromax fills.

4. Automatic security release

Similarly, Bathmate included an auto security release in the valve for Hydromax. This means that the valve will release pressure whenever the suction goes beyond the appropriate levels.

5. Different colors and sizes

The Hydromax series comes in 3 translucent colors: blue, red, and clear. The series is available in 3 different sizes: X20, X30, X40, and X50.

Bathmate HydroXtreme Series

1. Accessory pack

HydroXtreme series is the current collection of the Bathmate Hydromax series. Unlike Hydromax Series, the power for this one is extreme – just as its name. Most interesting, the edition is equipped with a high-end accessory kit.

You’ll get accessories such as a measuring gauge, handball pump, shower strap, towel, water-based lubricant, cleaning kit, locking carrying bag and comfort insert.

2. New upgraded handball pump

The handball pump functions the same as a hand pump on any blood-pressure cuff. To generate suction all you have to do is squeeze the handball rather than pulling the whole pump towards your body.

Apart from being comfortable, the handball pump puts you in full control of the range of suction. If you so wish to use this X-treme like the original Hydromax, then you can do so. After all, the ball pump disconnects.

3. Comfort insert

Every HydroXtreme comes with a pretty long insert for maximum comfort. Bathmate designed the insert in such a way that the user can remove it. Hence, maintaining the device is easy.

4. Shower Strap

When you need to pump the Hydromax Xtreme, a shower strap is an important accessory to have. The shower strap has a universal connector. This means it is compatible with every Bathmate water pump.

Furthermore, it has nylon straps that you can adjust to your comfort. You can hang the straps on your neck. So your two hands will be free and you can shower as you normally do.

The verdict

Though Bathmate Hydromax series and Bathmate HydroXtreme series are almost similar, the Xtreme pumps are more powerful. Further, the Xtreme series comes with a handball pump, which makes the device easy to use.

As similar or different the two devices are, the truth is that they can help to enlarge your penis. So if your financial status allows you to make such a vital investment, then proceed. Though not exactly cheap, they guarantee visible results after using for the first time.

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