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Bathmate Hydromax Series Lineup Review


Hydromax series lineup of hydropumps comprises of premier male enhancement devices you could ever buy. Since these are water based penis pumps, you can comfortably use them from the comfort of your shower or bathtub. If your goal is to significantly extend the length of your penis, then you can never go wrong with a Bathmate pump. Below is a comprehensive Hydromax series lineup review that gives you an insight into what to expect when considering a hydropump for your penis enlargement goals.

Hydromax Series Lineup Review: A Closer Look

Hydromax Xtreme Series (XX20, XX30, XX40, and XX50)

The greatest and the newest pumps in the Hydromax line of hydropumps is the Xtreme series, which takes hydro pumping to another level. While these pumps come with the basics provided in other Bathmate pumps, they also boast of several tweaks that enable the Xtreme pump to give more power and greater comfort. These pumps produce 35% more suction power, which is extremely helpful if you wish to realize your goal quicker.

In addition, the Xtreme pumps come bundled with a complete set of pump accessories, including a handball pump, a carry case, shower strap, hose attachment, cleaning sponge, measuring gauge, security lock, lube, comfort insert pad, and the Xtreme hydropump. If you choose to buy these separately, you are likely to spend an additional $100. For this reason, the Xtreme variant is highly recommended for any man looking for value in money and the best results in hydro penis pumping. Get the bonus package and be amazed by the dramatic and quick gains that materialize in a shorter period of time.

Hydromax X-series (X20, X30, and X40)

The X-series also under the category of the newer Hydromax pumps. These pumps were announced several years after the HUGE success of the Bathmate Originals. The X-series pumps were designed and built to produce better results, thanks to the suggestions and recommendations of customers who previously used the Bathmate Originals. As a result, the X-series pumps produce better results while providing greater comfort to the users. Some of the newly added features include:

1. Bellows pump capable of producing 35% more power.
2. New Removable Comfort Insert Pad – helps to make the seal tighter while providing greater comfort.
3. A redesigned Superflow Latch Valve – Controls water flow, which means users can now shut off the valve to prevent water from escape as the device is being filled.
4. Metric and Imperial Measuring Guide

If your budget is a little tight, then the X-series is highly recommended for you. With all these newly added features, you can be sure that your Hydromax pump will deliver results in the safest and most efficient ways.

Summary: Hydromax series lineup review

The consistency of the hydraulic pressure produced by Bathmate Hydromax pumps means users are likely to realize a quicker girth increase than length. Even so, you can still look forward to REAL length gains over time. When you need results to materialize, then you must maintain consistency in your pumping routine. Remember, if you want to get a bigger penis within the shortest time using the safest technology, Hydromax series pumps will certainly get the job done.