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Review: The Truth About the New Bathmate Hydromax

The Truth About the New Bathmate Hydromax

The new line of Bathmate Hydromax penis pumps in our opinion are some of the most innovative and highly effective male enhancement devices we’ve ever reviewed. Furthermore, these fun products have the potential to positively change your self-esteem as well as your love life when used correctly. If your goal is to have massive erections, plenty of girth, and more length added to your penis, then you can keep reading to discover the truth about new Bathmate Hydromax.

The Best Penis Enhancement Tool at the Moment

While there are many products out there that claim to help you increase the size of your penis size, none matches the effects produced by the new line of Bathmate Hydromax pumps. These penis enhancement devices boast of having proven results with higher safety standards. Consequently, using any of the Bathmate Hydromax pumps guarantees that you’ll enjoy safe pumping sessions and no side effects.

The Pros

  • Gets my dick hard pretty fast
  • I noticed that it helped to build my penis size the more I pumped
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Plenty of fun while using the device
  • Produces a safe level of threshold pressure
  • Made my erections stronger


  • The pumping process tends to be addictive
  • I easily hit 8 inches, meaning I had to set aside more funds to buy the new Hydromax9

The seemingly simple pump design should not fool you. The pump is actually quite robust and is meant for serious penis enlargement. Over the period I used the pump, I realized major gains that are still quite impressive to look at.

Who should hop onto the Bathmate Hydromax ?

If you wish to have a penis with an increased girth and length, then you should certainly get yourself a Bathmate Hydromax penis pump. However, if you’re experiencing issues related to erectile dysfunction or you simply desire stronger erections, you might want to consider the Hydromax5, Hydromax7, or Hydromax9 because these are excellent choices worth picking.

If you have ever had the opportunity of using the more conventional penis pumps and you enjoy the pumping routine, you’ll really enjoy using the Bathmate Hydromax pumps. The fact that water is used makes the experience a more pleasant, enjoyable, and safer one than doing it the old way with the air pumps.

More Truths about the New Bathmate Hydromax Pumps

Each pump model in this category comes with a newly redesigned pump bellows system and a soft sealing comfort pad, which is supposed to lessen the amount of pressure while producing greater comfort to your groin and testicle region. The bellows system also incorporates a 360-degree rotation function, thereby allowing you to rotate it.

By combining these and many more features, DX Products – the manufacturer of the Bathmate pumps came up with some of the most effective male enhancement devices that have been used safely and successfully to enlarge the penis.

Summary: The Facts about the New Bahthmate Hydromax

The New Bathmate Hydromax pumps are solid devices that produce the results promised by the manufacturer. The products have undergone a complete redesign, meaning you can look forward to better results and safer pumping sessions. Therefore, whether your goal is to have a longer or thicker penis, you can be sure that these devices will help you achieve your goal in the shortest time.

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