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Bathmate Immediate Gains

Bathmate Immediate Gains

There’s actually plenty of success stories regarding Bathmate immediate gains, and this motivates a lot of men to give the product a try.

Basically, the majority of those who tried this hydro-penis pump raves about the immediate results you can get from using Bathmate, and they have never seen their manhood so big.

Bathmate Immediate Gains: Is It Really Possible?

First, let’s start by talking about the product itself. You’ll be getting most Bathmate penis pumps in a regular white box, and there’s definitely nothing extravagant about it. However, don’t let the simple packaging fool you, as the device itself is the complete opposite. It’s not your usual penis pump at all. It’s also worth noting that before trying any penis enlargement device, you have to consult your doctor first, and take it slow. Beginners who have used Bathmate claims that even when they took it slow, it still worked almost instantly.

The results were immediate, but you still have to be careful during the process. You might be tempted to add more pressure for better results, but that’s not necessary at all. In fact, you might end up doing a permanent damage to your penis if you continued.

The device can be used on a semi-erect penis for five weeks, and you can start using it on a fully-erect penis after. After each session, you’d notice that your penis size have increased by 0.75 inches, and around 0.50 inches in girth. Although these were just temporary gains, the fact that you can enjoy them almost instantly makes it more than satisfying. It also gives you the encouragement that it’s really possible to increase your size with consistent effort. Likewise, it can also give you the assurance that it’s really a good investment, and not a waste of money. It’s exciting, easy, and best of all, very effective.

Another Claim About Bathmate Immediate Gains

Despite there were a lot of praises about this product, there are still some who wee also a bit disappointed in a sense that even though it did help in making their penis bigger, the results only lasted for a few minutes. These people claim that everything was back to normal, and their penis also got a little sore and red for a couple of hours, but everything went back to normal shortly. Ideally, if you have experienced this, it would be ideal to take a one-whole day break to let your manhood recover completely. This shouldn’t stop you though. Instead, you should religiously use the product for several months. Even if the gains aren’t immediate, it doesn’t mean that there’s no improvement.

To prove that, you have to measure the size of your manhood before and after several months of use. You’d notice that your penis have gotten a little bigger; although the changes weren’t drastic, results like this are permanent. Bathmate pumps could increase the size of your penis, especially when its flaccid, to the point that there would be a little bulge on your trousers– which a lot of men dreamed of. For you to maintain that, you have to continue using the penis pump regularly, or there’s a possibility that it would go back to its original size.