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Popular Bathmate Questions Series – What Is Fluid Retention?

What Is Fluid Retention

Bathmate Hydromax is a world-renowned brand in the male enhancement industry. The devices relies on water to create pressure around the penis. Since Bathmate Hydromax pumps are designed to produce only a certain achievable maximum pressure, they are a safer option if you compare them to other traditional pumps. Even with this safety feature incorporated into the Bathmate pumps, overpumping is still a possibility. Therefore, if you pump too hard or too long, injuries could potentially occur. Fluid retention is one common problem that is likely to arise if you do not use the device as recommended. What is fluid retention? Continue reading to find out.

Fluid retention occurs when water in the pump gets absorbed into the penis. When penile tissue expands in the vacuum, water is absorbed thus creating retention. If you weren’t expecting it or you are only seeing it for the first time, you may initially freak out. You really shouldn’t panic. Any fluid retention that occurs usually subsides on its own. While the retention does not expose you to any danger, you should do everything possible to avoid the condition. If you notice signs of fluid retention, then this could be an indicator that you are not using the device as recommended.

You can avoid fluid retention by beginning your sessions with warm ups. This should be conducted in the literal sense by making the penis warm and ready for the session. A hot bath or shower should do the trick. Alternatively, you can wrap your phallus using a warm or hot towel. If you are a Bathmate newbie, then I’d suggest you begin pumping slowly and incorporate sessions that last a shorter period. Additionally, you can do yourself a lot of good by reducing the amount of pressure. All these measures will help prevent fluid retention and any other risks.


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