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My Bathmate 6 Month Review

My Bathmate 6 Month Review

Today I will share with you my Bathmate 6 month review. It is worth noting that I have now used my Bathmate for a year now. For the initial 6 month period, I committed myself to 15-minute sessions every day. By making this sort of commitment, my reasoning was that I needed to utilize the opportunity to grow my manhood to epic proportions.

First and foremost, if you choose to buy your Bathmate, then you should consider making your purchase from the official store. Doing so prevents a situation where you waste so much time and money on counterfeited products that don’t work.

How To Effectively Use Bathmate

I discovered that Bathmate is a water-based penis pump. This means the device uses the force of water to create powerful suction, which forces more blood into the penis. You can begin by first getting a boner, after which you can insert your dick into the pump and pump several times. This action allows more blood to flow into your dick. The blood is actually more than you would typically get when you have an erection. The extra blood forces its way into the chambers of your penis, thereby causing an expansion to occur. As a result, your dick will expand each time you use the device.

After each session, more and more blood is forced into the chambers than the previous pumping session. While the extra amount of blood is only 0.1ml in volume, the results are striking after many weeks. This may initially seem like nothing however, it eventually becomes a considerable amount if you resort to daily pumping sessions. If you pump for 20 days, that will translate to 2.0ml of additional blood in your penis.

The fist Bathmate pump I ordered was the Hercules variant, which is quite basic now if you compare it to the newer additions. Nevertheless, it helped me achieve the results I was looking for. Simply fill it up with water and insert your semi-erect penis into it and pump a few times. After just 15 minutes, you will notice very impressive results. In fact, you will notice your dick getting bigger on the first day of use.

I liked my Bathmate Hercules simply because of its user-friendly nature. Even so, I would recommend the newer models that produce more pressure. More pressure translates to quicker gains. Moreover, the X-series and the Xtreme series come with a load of accessories that make it even easier to use the devices.

During the 6-month period, I committed myself to using the pump daily. My dick grew longer and thicker. After realizing my dream, I felt it was thick enough, and since I didn’t want to miss out on the fantastic blowjobs by making it overly thick, I reduced the number of sessions. Therefore, I reduced usage to just three times each week.

From my Bathmate 6 month review, it is clear that the pump delivers amazing results. If you decide to cop one.