Simple Tips To Help Boost Libido

Impotence or sexual dysfunction comprises of a number of systems. When affected by this condition, it means penis erection, male sexual arousal, penis insertion, ejaculation, or any obstacle occurring in these links are referred to as impotence or sexual dysfunction.

Disorders affecting sexual function are common in men of all age groups, cultural backgrounds, and ethnicities. A study conducted by the Massachusetts Male Aging indicated that 52% of men aged between 40-70 suffer from the effects of varying degrees of male impotence. Epidemiological evidence from numerous studies additionally indicates that more than ten million men in the US have been affected by impotence.

While there are many studies focusing on male impotence, the pathogeny and risk factors of the disease are still being explored by experts.

Study: Mechanical Penis Enlargement Techniques Yield Better Results

While most of the peddled penis enlargement techniques are bogus, studies suggest that some non-invasive/nonsurgical methods come in handy to treat male impotence while enhancing the male organ.

According to most researchers, surgical treatments were found to be dangerous and exhibited numerous complications. The nonsurgical techniques, on the other hand, appeared to boost the size of the male member and boost libido in a highly innovative way.

By using the mechanical methods (Bathmate Hydromax pumps) on a daily basis, 29 out of the 52 men involved in this study reported a boost in libido and average penile growth of 0.8 inches in the flaccid state. In yet another study involving the use of the same methods, men interviewed got an average penile length gain of 1 inch in flaccid state and 0.7 inches while erect.

In another study involving patients affected by male impotence, researchers discovered that using devices such as penoscrotal rings and penis pumps helped significantly by beefing up penis size while maintaining a solid erection. However, the small sample size used in the study essentially meant that these results were entirely inconclusive.

Tips to Help Boost Libido

1. Stop Stressing

Stress will always get in the way of many things. For this reason, you should strive to lower your cortisol levels. By doing this, you maintain healthy wellbeing as well as your sexual wellbeing. Find simple ways to manage your increased levels of stress/anxiety and boost your libido for an extremely enjoyable and satisfying sex life.

2.  Kiss and Cuddle

You are more likely to become frustrated due to your low libido and in such instances, you might rush into the lovemaking process with the hopes of making magic happen. Remember to cozy up with your partner. Cuddling and kissing are simple, but extremely helpful ways to bond, especially when you are feeling exhausted or tensed up.


Some events could potentially lead to impotence. What’s more, no single cause is involved independently. Numerous issues, including organic and psychology, often cause erectile dysfunction. By discovering the causes of impotence, experts have been able to discover techniques (Bathmate Hydromax pumps) and therapies to help correct the condition and restore confidence to the affected men.