Penis Girth – What Size Is Considered Normal?

Normal Penis Girth

Whenever penis size is being discussed, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the length. However, in reality, lots of factors are used to determine penis health and size. Studies conducted so far indicate that the penis girth is what matters most. So what is normal penis girth? Continue reading to learn more.

What is penis girth?

Penis girth is the thickness of your manhood. Biologically, the girth is circumference measurement of your manhood when it is fully erect. It is quoted variously as the average of 3 measurements as follows: near the base, the middle and the glans penis.

What is the normal girth of a penis?

Note that there are slight variations when it comes to the shape and size of penises depending on familial inheritance, race, and region. Consequently, no global fixed penile girth or length exists. Despite this, researchers estimate that the average length is 6.5 inches while the normal girth is 5 inches. This is a diameter of approximately 1.25 – 1.6 inches.

Is girth important?

Most sexperts agree that penis length is not as important as the girth and according to many women, this is actually true. The girth is most important for the simple reason that it gives consistence and strength to the body of the penis. While a man penetrates a woman, she will feel most sensation in the third part of her vagina. Consequently, when exploring the options of penis enlargement, consider a method that enhances both girth and length.

Can penis girth be enhanced?

There are many methods as well as devices currently sold in the market that have popularly been used for the past few decades. Some of the methods and penis enhancement devices used to increase have worked to produce the desired goal while others have failed to make the penis bigger.

Exercising and massaging the penis is considered one of the easiest ways of increasing the size of both the girth and length of a penis. Despite this, penis enhancement exercises present major issues that cannot be ignored. For instance, you would have to spare a considerable amount of time to get the desired effect not to mention the effort necessary for some of the enlargement exercises.

Of all the penis enhancement products currently available in the market, the most effective are the penis enlargement pumps that use the power of water to make the penis bigger. Furthermore, they offer users a highly innovative way of making the overall penis healthier and bigger in a short time.

The devices have undergone scientific tests that have proven that they work to produce the desired results as indicated by the manufacturers. The hydro pumps are capable of making your penis thicker and longer. They additionally allow more blood to flow into your manhood thereby making your erections harder. These particular penis devices have become so popular within a short time mainly because they are safer and cheaper compared to surgical procedures. If you suddenly realize that you don’t have a normal penis girth and you would like to do something about it, then hydro penis pumps will definitely help you achieve your goal.