Penis Enlargement Surgery: Is it Worth The Risk

Penis Enlargement Surgery

Just like female breast augmentation procedures, penis enlargement surgery is highly sought after by many men all over the globe. Nevertheless, very few men will actually admit that they have undergone the procedure. Even though enhancement surgeries are mostly recommended for men with issues relating to erectile dysfunction, more and more men opt for the surgery to increase penis size.

Does Penis Enlargement Surgery Work

Penis enhancement surgical procedures are quite common nowadays. Almost all media outlets have advertisements promising an increase in girth and length through this procedure. Despite this, there is no sufficient evidence to support the effectiveness surgical enhancement procedure. The penile enhancement procedures are mostly meant for men experiencing erectile dysfunction.

Embarrassment as well as lack of information also makes it difficult for the majority of men seeking the procedure to understand risks associated with increasing penis size through surgical procedures. Women in contrast have lots of information pouring in from newspapers, magazines and the internet which makes it easier for them to understand the risks of breast augmentation.

Penis Enlargement Risks

The risks linked to penis enlargement surgery are quite many and as such cannot be ignored. To begin with there is the risk of infection, fever, scarring, development of pus, developing a shorter penis, swelling, impotence, pressure and discomfort due to implants, persistent pain, urinary incontinence, loss of sensitivity and many more.

Should an infection develop immediately after surgery, it simply means implants fitted during surgery must be removed. A process known as erosion is also likely to occur in 3% of the cases handled. It often causes infection to occur thereby making it necessary for the devices to be removed. A malfunction of inserted implants is yet another risk of having penis enlargement surgery. The rate of failure after implantation is actually quite high. If a man wishes to be sexually active even after failure of the enhancement procedure, another operation would be necessary to replace and repair the prosthesis.

The penis enhancement surgical procedure that does not involve fitting of implants produces no effect on quality and frequency of erections. These two aspects are generally controlled solely by blood flowing to the penis. Furthermore, there is sufficient evidence to prove that penis enlargement procedures cause impotence.

In case you are considering undergoing penis enlargement surgery, then you need to know more about the potential complications and risks associated with the operation. The hopes of having significant increases could lead to disastrous and regretful results. Like all other surgical procedures, there are lots of complications that may arise as mentioned above.

How To Enlarge Penis Naturally

The penis can be made bigger in a natural way through by performing penis exercises and eating specific foods that increase blood flowing to the penis. Even so, penile enhancement pumps produce the most effective results in just a couple of weeks.

Penis size enhancement is only possible through natural methods and techniques. Resorting to surgery as a way of increasing penis size is not recommended unless it is being done to cure a condition like erectile dysfunction.