New Bathmate Hydro Series Names

New Bathmate Hydro Series Names

We honestly got tired of testing male enhancement pumps that only delivered undesirable results and countless side effects. As a result, we decided to review only specific products, which rely on scientific techniques. On our journey to self-awareness, we stumbled upon new Bathmate Hydro series names. Below is a rundown of our experience with the pump, including everything we liked about the new Bathmate hydro7 pump.

New Bathmate Hydro Series Names: The Innovative Male Enhancement Product That Changed the Game

Formerly known as the Bathmate Hercules, the new Hydro7 pump was embraced by many men the moment it was released into the market in 2006. This particular pump has sold more than a million units. If you’re just starting on your penile enhancement journey or you simply desire a product that promotes penile health, then this is the right pump for you.

Our Experience with the Hydro7 Pump

Designed for use in the shower or bathtub, Bathmate Hydro7 presents you with a highly convenient and safe way to fully exercise your penile shaft by using the power of water thus enabling the device to deliver results. Over time, you will make your penis healthier, longer and harder. Furthermore, you’ll end up enjoying greater sexual satisfaction on another level.

We had just 60 days to test the device because our main objective was to find out whether the claims made by the manufacturer were true. And true to their word, the pump held up pretty well and we saw a difference, which came within the third week. This I must say was quite impressive. Unlike the penis extenders, you can use your Bathmate Hydro7 while taking a bath or shower, meaning you’ll find it a lot easier to maintain a more consistent pumping routine. Below are some of the things we noticed during the trial period.


• It actually works – The tool actually works and produces measurable growth when used correctly as directed.

• Bigger is always better – The entire lineup of Bathmate and Hydromax pumps combined with a say, 15-minute workout routine is highly effective when you need greater gains in girth and length enlargement.

• Skin-safe product – The materials used during the production of the pump are phthalate-free, which means the product will never cause any harm to your skin.

• The pumping process is simple – Every penis pumping session typically lasts only 15 minutes, which is a short time investment on your part.

• The guarantee – The manufacturer is so confident in the product that you get a 60-Day money back guarantee on every purchase. We tried the product within this period and we were able to see meaningful results within the third week.


• The product may work as promised, but it is a dorky-looking device.

While the new Bathmate Hydro series names changed this year, the Hydro7 and other Bathmate pumps are the same devices renowned for producing impressive results. You just need to use the pump correctly as recommended and within a period of 60 days, you’ll begin seeing results!