Jelqing, Explained

Jelqing is very useful because it can be used to improve either Length or Girth depending on the level of erection your penis is in whilst the exercise is being performed.

To perform a jelq cover your hands and your penis in a lubricating oil. I recommend using evening primrose oil, which helps to keep skin healthy and elastic. This way you are getting two benefits at the same time when performing your exercises. If you don’t have this then using something like coconut oil will work just as well for lubrication purposes. Next, you want to get your penis to the right erection level for your growth goals.

If you want to lengthen the penis then you want it at a lower erection level, around 20%-50%.

Then take your right hand, make an ‘ok’ sign, and flip your hand upside down gripping the base of your penis shaft with your index finger and thumb. Apply as much pressure as you can squeezing all the blood that’s in your shaft and then slowly over at least 5 seconds move your grip up the shaft stopping just before you reach the glans (head) of the penis (you don’t want to jelq the glans of the penis as this can cause sensitivity problems).

Just before your right hand reaches the head of the penis, take your left hand and make the same upside-down ‘ok’ sign at the base of the penis, then remove your right hand and proceed to squeeze the blood down your shaft with the left hand.

You should be applying enough pressure to make it feel like there are marbles being pushed down your urethra as you move your hand down the shaft, if you don’t feel any such sensation then get your penis slightly more erect so there is more blood flowing through it as you jelq.

How to perform jelqing exercises correctly (with step by step photos)

For the best result. Fingers crossed!

Step 1: Start by making an upside-down ok grip to the base of your penis, trapping the blood in your shaft.

Step 2: Applying pressure slowly over at least 5 seconds squeeze your hand down the shaft, stopping before you reach the glans.

Step 3: Before your first hand reaches the head, apply the same reverse ok grip to the base with your other hand, then repeat the process.

Every time a hand goes from the base to the head of your penis that is 1 rep. Slow down the movement and make sure your reps take at least 5 seconds each. If you’ve never jelqed before you’ll want to start out with a low number of reps and very gradually over weeks increase your total reps.

You increase the number of reps slowly because you want the maximum gains out of the exercise before applying more intensity. When your penis has acclimatized to a certain intensity the gains will stop, so to keep the muscle growing we don’t go straight from 0 reps to 1,000 reps, rather we slowly build up to that over time.

Beginners: 1 Set of 25 reps each day – Then add 25 reps each week thereafter.

Intermediate: Once you’re doing 200 reps each day, advance into 2 Sets of 150 each day (morning and evening) – Then add 25 reps (to each set) each week until you are doing 2 Sets of 500 each day.

The good thing about jelqing is that it is basically free, your only expense is the lubricating oil you use, but the disadvantage is that it will take you much longer to see results. If you want faster and hassle-free results, just use Bathmate Hydromax Pumps.

So if you can’t afford an ADS (all day stretcher) I recommend starting with jelqing as a good introduction to penis exercises, then maintaining the schedule until you can save up for an ADS. Once you are using the ADS you can ease up and do your jelqing exercises every other day so you don’t over-exercise your penile tissue.