Bathmate HydroXtreme 5 Review

The HydroXtreme5 takes your penis hydro pumping workout to a whole new level. It is worth noting that the HydroXtreme series of pumps provide the ultimate in hydro pumping technology.

While the HydroXtreme5 still maintains the unique globally patented technology and design, the pump comes with a number of additions like the handball pump for more extreme pumping sessions and maximum gains. Besides that, the pump offers unmatched comfort levels and user control. Therefore, if you are serious about your penis enlargement, you should not hesitate to get yourself a HydroXtreme5. Here is a short HydroXtreme5 penis pump review that covers the important bits to help you make an informed purchase decision.

The HydroXtreme5 is a revolutionary penis pump that is made to deliver in terms of performance. It is worth noting that it is the same as its counterpart, the Hydromax5. Unlike the Hydromax5, which comes in three different color options, the HydroXtreme is only available in three clear color option.

The HydroXtrme5 is simply a more technologically advanced pump version of the Hydromax5 pump. Therefore, if your budget allows it, you should not hesitate to go for either of the two. However, if your desire is to own a slightly more powerful pump for quicker gains, then you should order the HydroXtreme5, which gives you value for money for what you get in the package.

The MAIN differentiating factor between the two pumps is the amount of power produced by each one. The addition of a handball pump means that you get more suction power out of the HydroXtreme5, thanks to the higher compression levels. Furthermore, it seals properly against your groin, which helps the pump to unleash even more power to your phallus. When you buy your HydroXtreme pump, you can expect the following items in the package:

• HydroXtreme5 pump
• Shower Strap
• Security Lock
• Lube
• Handball Pump
• Cleaning Sponge
• Comfort Insert Pad
• Measuring Gauge
• Hose Attachment
• Carry Case

Pump Specifications:

• 1.90″ max internal width
• 8.0″ max internal length
• 5.96″ max internal circumference
• Strength @ .65 bar / 9.43 psi
• Materials – Specially selected skin-safe, medical grade materials

HydroXtreme5 penis pump review: Build Quality

The HydroXtreme5 pump is made up of high-quality, medical grade materials. The cylinders are molded to exact tolerances and specifications. Furthermore, the penis pumps, including the components undergo rigorous clinical tests to prove their safety standards. If you plan to invest in a HydroXtreme series pump, you can expect it to last many years. The polycarbonate cylinder is virtually unbreakable. So, instead of settling for the cheaper knock-offs that could break easily or expose you to lots of risks, you should consider owning an original Hydromax product.

Summary: Hydroxtreme5 Penis Pump Review

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to test different pumps and last year I bought the HydroXtreme5, which I tested for the past 10 months. The truth is that the pump actually delivers beyond expectations. This is possibly my motivation to carry on with my penis enhancement exercises with the HydroXtreme5. You simply need to order one today to experience the raw power.

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