HydroXtreme11 Review

Bathmate HydroXtreme 11 Review

The HydroXtreme11 penis pump is certainly the biggest in the lineup of Bathmate Hydromax pumps. If you’ve got a super HUMONGOUS penis but you still desire gains, this pump is for you. The pump length is an enormous 15 inches when measured from the top to bottom. Continue reading this HydroXtreme11 penis pump review and discover some amazing facts about the pump.

Hydroxtreme11 Penis Pump Review: Welcome the HydroXtreme11

Just as the name suggests, the HydroXtreme11 is the biggest of them all. When I first got the opportunity to see one firsthand, I simply couldn’t believe my eyes. Before, the introduction of the HydroXtreme11, men who were extra large only had access to the older Bathmate Goliath pump. However, the Goliath was phased out to make way for the current reigning king, the HydroXtreme11.

If your dick size falls within the range of 9-11 inches range, then this is definitely a pump worth considering. Even so, some users report that an 8-inch dick too will suit it just fine.

Who should use the HydroXtreme11 pump?

If your dick size is bigger than average and you do not like the quality of your erections, then you definitely qualify as a candidate for this pump. In addition, if your 9 or 10-inch penis does not make you happy, you should consider adding more inches with this innovative pump.

Avoid the Hydroxtreme11 If You Fall Into the Following Categories

While we may all have the desire to get the biggest pump possible for maximum gains, it would be impractical to use one if your penis size does not match the pump. Therefore, if your penis is less than 9 inches when fully erect, then you should consider the smaller variants. If you stick to this one yet you have a smaller dick, your efforts might be counterproductive. You may also experience some discomfort and pain at the base. Note that the extra large opening of the pump is designed to accommodate bigger girthed penises. Inserting your smaller penis only exposes you to the risks of bruising and injury. Instead, you should consider the HydroXtreme5, HydroXtreme7, or HydroXtreme9 pumps.

The hydro penis pump manufacturer has catered to the needs of all men by making pumps that accommodate all penis sizes. Every single pump mentioned above comes with everything you would typically find in the HydroXtreme11 – that includes the technological improvements, accessories package, and the suction power.

Important points to note

1. The pump provides immediate gains even if you have a larger penis.
2. Delivers stronger erections in an effortless way.
3. Expect your erections to last longer.
4. The threshold of pressure falls within safe levels. So, you should not worry about injuring yourself.
5. It is a capable and highly effective pump when used together with the accessories.
6. Pumping is made easier by the handball pump feature.
7. The clear cylinder allows you to monitor your gains in real time.

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