Hydromax Bathmate Review

Hydromax Bathmate Review

For most men, penis size is very important. Basically, the bigger their manhood is, the more confident they can feel. However, not all were blessed with a massive penis, and for that reason, most men only dreamed of being able to improve their size, and girth even with just an inch or so.

Thankfully, there are a number of ways on how to make that possible, and what’s great is that there are actually natural ways proven to be effective– no need to undergo the knife anymore. One of which is through the use of a penis enlargement device known as a “penis pump.” One of the best penis pumps worth considering is the Hydromax Bathmate, and that is why we have decided to present you a detailed, Hydromax Bathmate Review.

Hydromax Bathmate Review

For those who are not familiar with the brand, Bathmate has been quite popular in the world of penis enlargement. One of their most popular brands is the Bathmate Hydromax, which is a penis enlargement device that could increase the size of the penis naturally.

It’s a water-based penis pump that can be used in the shower or bath. There are a few versions of this device, and one of which is the Hydromax penis pump which is a new addition, but has garnered a lot of attention since its release.

Is It Really Safe for Use?

Although this device is not yet FDA approved– which they are very honest about it, as it’s even stated on the bottom of the page of their official website, rest assured that it’s really working and safe. The key is, you have to follow the instructions accordingly and stay away from fake Bathmate products.

Moving on, there are a lot of variations of the Hydromax series, such as X30, x40, Xtreme, Hercules and so on.

Hydromax Bathmate X30

Hydromax Bathmate X30


The Hydromax Bathmate X30 is one of the best models in the Hydromax series. It’s designed in a way that you’ll be able to experience remarkable results without feeling uncomfortable during the process. It’s also worth mentioning that the build quality is also good.

In fact, you can actually enjoy dramatic changes, not only in length, but within the girth of your penis as long as you’re using it properly. Stronger erections can also be enjoyed, and it’s most noticeable right after pumping. Heightened sensitivity after use has also been experienced by some users.

There are some customers who also claimed that they were able to see small increases after each use of the pump, and to testify if this was even true, some relied on the measuring gauge located on the side of the tubing, and they did increase in size. However, there’s still no guarantee how long these results will last.

Those who have experienced this remarkable change didn’t even expect to enjoy such huge difference, however, the increase (or what some calls, the swelling) fades back over time.

It features a bellows style pumping and the strong suction created by this penis pump might make you feel a little bruised around the ground, but this isn’t something that you should be really alarmed of. The swelling subsides after a couple of days.

For those with high testicles, it’s advised to hold on to them while creating the seal because you don’t want your balls to get sucked up in the tube during the process. For those who are suffering from phimosis, or any kind of penis pain similar to that, you might not enjoy the use of penis pumps.

Overall, the X30 is really impressive and it’s ideal for those who are just new in the world of penis pump.

Hydromax Bathmate X40

Hydromax Bathmate X40


The X40 is almost similar with the Bathmate X30, but this model comes with a wonderful accessory pack, such as the measuring gauge, security lock, Bathmate towel, cleaning kit, sponge, power house, handball pump, lubricant, power hose, strap, and an insert pad.

Since it comes with a number of accessories, you’ll definitely get what you paid for, but that’s not all. It’s also tactful, durable, and very masculine. What we’re trying to say is that, you can even bring it to a gym locker room without feeling embarrassed at all.

As for the kit, it’s hard case and covered with a matte, yet silky material. It’s black in color, and has a large zipper, giving you the assurance that it’s indeed durable.

Inside, you’ll find several storage pockets where you can put the accessories, and there’s a main compartment for the pump. The handy case is known to be ideal for travels, and it’s very discreet that no one would even think you’re carrying a penis pump with you.

The Largest Pump in the Hydromax Collection

The X40 Xtreme is also the biggest pump within the Hydromax collection, and it has a length of 13.5” with a 10.5” girth. As for the chamber’s circumference, it’s between 9.25”, and narrows down to 8.25” going on top. It’s perfect for those who are above 7 inches, but still not satisfied with their size.

As for the clear chamber of the X40 series, it’s manufactured using durable plastic, with a measuring gauge located on the side of the barrel. Likewise, it also has a base with bellows pump combined with an insertable plastic comfort pad, giving you the assurance that you’ll feel comfortable while using it. The bellows allow you to place the pump against the body, and pull it near for improved suction.

Comes with a Hand Pump Attachment

This is fairly a new release to the Xtreme collection. The hand pump attachment goes on the latter part of the penis pump, and it has a tube fastener, as well as a squeeze ball that sucks up the water from the pump, creating a vacuuming effect. Rest assured that the squeeze ball is durable, but flexible enough, making it easy to use.

Hydromax Bathmate Xtreme

Hydromax Bathmate Xtreme


The first thought that comes to mind when you see this xtreme series is that it’s a little more expensive as compared to other penis pumps in the market. However, there’s an explanation behind this ‘intriguing’ price.

This pump is made for “Advance Pumpers” and that means it’s for those who don’t mind pumping everyday just to experience growth. The Xtreme package comes with almost everything you need, ranging from the carrying case pre-stuffed with all the tools that would help you monitor the growth of your penis.

It’s also built with a multi-function valve that works with a hand grip pump, and can be used with or without a power hose. Additionally, similar to the original Hydromax penis pump, it also works by compressing the pump against the body in order to expel water and trigger a vacuuming effect.

Hydromax Bathmate Hercules

Hydromax Bathmate Hercules

The Hercules model is the very first penis pump created by Bathmate– which means it’s the “original.” It’s a premium penis pump that’s still available in the market, and preferred by a lot of customers.


Not only does it improve the length of the penis, it also improves the girth as well. Unlike other penis pump that uses vacuum, the Hercules penis pump utilizes water instead. According to experts, water is better than other medium because it allows equal expansion of the penis in a safe, yet effective manner.

This penis pump is designed with simplicity in mind. Despite that, you’d probably have to try it a couple of times first to get used to how it works. All you need is fill it up with warm water, insert your penis inside the barrel, and you’re good to go.

Hydromax Bathmate Permanent Results

For those who are interested in trying Bathmate products, the first thing you would want to know is if it really works or not. We can assert that as long as you use these Bathmate penis pumps properly, you’ll be able to enjoy remarkable results in no time. Of course, it’s still important to have enough rest, and let your penile tissues recover.

Just like other muscle tissue, this would result to a bigger and stronger penis, and after constant use of Bathmate, rest assured that the gains will be long lasting. In fact, even if you stop using Bathmate for 8-12 months, you’ll still be able to enjoy 70% of your gains. Likewise, maintaining this improvement is also easy.

As long as you use the device for at least 2-3 times a week, at 10 minutes per session, you’ll be able to keep 90-100% of your progress. This is definitely worth the effort, because you’ll be able to enjoy the results you have always hoped for. That also means, “quitting” shouldn’t be part of the game.

You also have to know that the duration of the results depends from one person to another. Although there’s a definite gain that you’ll experience after using Bathmate for a couple of months, there’s also a part where it would wear off the moment you stop. In order to prevent that, just like what has been mentioned earlier, consistency is the key. By following the guidelines, expect that the results will be permanent.

As for the temporary gains, they are usually the immediate results you often notice right after using the pump. Some people refer to this as “swelling.”

Hydromax Bathmate Sizes

Since there are different Hydromax Bathmate models, their sizes also vary and here’s a guide that would help you pick the right one based on your size and needs.

The Bathmate Hercules is for those who are 7 inches long when erect, with a 2 inches girth. You can enjoy as much as 1.5 inch increase in your penis size.

It’s for those who are 5 inches long when erect, with a 1 inches girth. Similar to the Hercules model, you can also enjoy up to 1.50 inch increase in size. It is for those who have a “fun” size penis which is not longer than 3.5-5 inches

If your penis is 7 inches long, with a 2 inches girth, the X30 series is for you. It’s perfect for those who want to enjoy more suction, as it provides better suction that the original Hercules penis pump.

Those with an 8 inch penis and a 2 1/4” girth, then the X40 model is for you.

Hydromax Bathmate Accessories

Aside from the hydro-penis pump, another good thing about the Hydromax series is that their penis pumps come with a number of useful accessories as well. These Bathmate accessories are available on the website, and can be purchased together with the pump of your choice. Some of which are as follows:

– Towel: This can be quite useful, but not necessary as it’s similar to a standard towel.

– Cleaning Brush: This can be used to keep your penis pump clean after every use.

– Capsule Case: The capsule case comes with a label, “Ultra Max” and it’s made of high quality material.

– Lube: Similar to regular lube, and it’s applied to the shaft before using the pump. This is very important, because it creates better pressure. Aside from that, it would also prevent the penis from sticking to the pump, or cause unnecessary friction which can be uncomfortable.

– USB Stick: It contains instructional videos to give you the idea on how to use the penis pump properly

– Measuring Gauge: It will help you measure your penis after every use to see if there’s an improvement.

– Shower Strap: If you want to go hands-free, then you’ll definitely find this add-on very useful as it keeps the pump hands-free while you’re standing up.

These accessories are not necessary, but can make the experience a little more convenient. Furthermore, it’s highly recommended that you give the Bathmate Max Out Jelqing Serum a try if you’re really serious with penis enlargement, as it will give you faster results. Likewise, with the Max Out cream, the recovery time will shorten.

Buy Hydromax Bathmate

To ensure that you’ll only experience wonderful results, it’s very important to only buy from reputable sources, and we’re proud to say that we’re one of them. You can buy Hydromax Bathmate products right from our official website because we are an official representative of Bathmate and we offer the best price on the market. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a try!