Hydromax Bathmate Covid-19 Notice Update

Hydromax Bathmate Covid-19 Notice Update

A good number of both current and potential customers often wonder what strategies we are applying to cope with the COVID-19 situation. I wish to take this opportunity to assure everyone that we have put in place reasonable precautionary measures, which go beyond government recommendations and guidelines. Moreover, most of our staff now work from home.

We put in great effort to maintain a considerable amount of inventory that includes our Bathmate pumps and a wide variety of other similar products. This we consider part of our strong contingency planning to help minimize supply disruptions or worst-case scenarios such as the global pandemic we are experiencing today. All our Bathmate pumps are produced in our UK factory where we adhere to high safety standards and strict hygiene measures. The key actions we have implemented mitigate the effects of COVID-19 for our customers while ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for our employees as well.

Review of Workforce Locations & Travel

Our priority in this period is to first establish where team members are as well of the number of those affected or those in vulnerable territories. We understand that there might be a need in some special cases to repatriate some of our team members, while others may request to work from their homes. All upcoming travel is immediately reviewed, canceled, or rescheduled.

We have clear policies and guidelines addressing absences occurring due to sickness or for caring for relatives, procedures for reporting illness, travel restrictions, and protocol for visiting guests to all company sites.

Evaluation of Our Supply Chain

It is already evident that most businesses are experiencing massive disruptions affecting supply chains, and as long as the Corona virus will continue to spread, the closure of workplaces and business establishments will be eminent, whether enforced or voluntary. Even so, we constantly seek to play the balancing act through our mitigation efforts and investments in a way that enables us to cover all major areas of risk. A clear understanding of our supply chain has helped to expose potential vulnerabilities.

Consequently we begin by critically examining our key Bathmate products and look beyond the first-tier and second-tier suppliers, and the raw materials (where possible). For instance, if any of our products require the use of components from the isolated countries, we easily fall back and rely on secondary suppliers.


We unfortunately, find ourselves in a tragic global pandemic – a time when businesses and the world economy will suffer a big blow. This will test the level of efficiency of most companies to adequately react, overall resilience, and the readiness of laid out processes.

Even though the world is feeling the impact of the pandemic, as a company, we have carefully revisited and reviewed our crisis and continuity plans. We are keenly following the situation and holding daily team briefs to keep up with new developments as well as any recommended guidelines. We trust that we’ll all get through the difficult times and resume normalcy as quickly as we possibly can.

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