How To Make Your Penis Bigger After Puberty

How To Make Your Penis Bigger After Puberty

Between the ages of 18 and 21, you will notice ancillary improvements in your penis girth. The size of your manhood will realize major development between the age of 13 and 17, but after puberty, your penis will stop growing. Fortunately, you can make your penis bigger if you are not happy with its size right now. Below we explore some of the options you have that guide you on how to make your penis bigger after puberty.

Performing Penis Exercises Is Your Direct Route To A Bigger Penis

Penis exercises offer you a fast way to increase your penis size. There are over a dozen superb, reliable, and workable penis exercises you can choose from. You just to perform the penile exercises just for about 10-15 minutes every day and the gains are mostly permanent. Note however that size gains vary from one individual to another. While the skeptics may find it hard to believe, penile exercises really work.

Manipulating penile tissue through exercising, tension, and specific manual manipulations break down the penile tissue. When the tissue re-grows, it will come back much tougher and thicker. Most penis enlargement experts also agree that there will be a significant improvement blood flow in the sense that more blood will fill up the newly created penile tissue.

An Active Sex Life

Experts agree that enjoying an active sex life can effectively aid male enhancement. Note that repeated stimulation of the area, as well as the use of the core penile muscles, has been proven to effectively lead to penis growth. Moreover, engaging in sex burns away the fat deposits that might restrict the growth of your phallus while improving blood flow.

Leading A Healthy Lifestyle

To grow your penis bigger after puberty, you need to live a healthy lifestyle that includes avoiding alcohol and drugs. Furthermore, you need to resort to eating nutritionally rich foods that supply your body with the vital nutrients. Avoid high fat and fast foods. Eating healthy diets helps supply more blood to your penis, meaning it will eventually get bigger with time.

What you eat not only improves the overall health of your penis but helps to boost blood circulation that is helpful for growing and healing your penis. By eating the right foods, you will notice that your erections are harder and last longer, which enables you to satisfy your partner in bed. This ability combined with a practical male enhancement strategy could be the key to growing a bigger dick after puberty.

Even though your penis will stop growing after puberty, you have many options for growing it some more as we have discovered above. Even so, you should never resort to using penis enlargement pills, as these tend to have negative side effects. Achieving your desired enormous manhood is now possible, thanks to the natural and safe methods available today. The most effective way to enhance the size of your manhood involves using a penis pump like Bathmate. This method guarantees your safety and produces highly impressive gains in just a few weeks.