How To Make Erection Longer

How To Make Erection Longer

When you are able to maintain an erection for a longer period of time, it will be easier for you to satisfy your partner sexually. As a result, you will be able to make love for longer while reaching shuddering orgasms. A soft or weak erection, on the other hand, is not pleasurable for sex and it is highly unlikely that your partner will climax, which can be quite embarrassing. Here are some useful tips that guide you on how to make erection longer.

1. Penile Massages

For an erection to occur, your penis relies on proper blood circulation. Since the blood vessels supplying blood to your penis are fairly small, their efficiency reduces over the years and they develop a buildup of tiny plaques that restrict blood from flowing into your phallus. Fortunately, penile massage will come in handy, especially when the right manual techniques are used. You can actually massage penis successfully in order to disperse plaques that have accumulated in the blood vessels. This action expands the capillaries, thereby causing your wiener to become fully erect. With proper penile massages, you will find it easier to maintain erections for longer.

2. Erection Exercises

Erection exercises can help improve the quality of your erections. When used in combination with quality penis pumps, the results are mind-blowing. Like kegel workouts, erection exercises are often recommended for the individuals with poor erections. Studies conducted indicate that muscles in the penile area have the capacity to improve the quality of erection and have the potential to eliminate erectile dysfunction. In addition, you will last longer in bed after performing the exercises. Simply flex the muscles of your penis at least a hundred times each day, as this will help you get harder erections over time.

3. Practice Maintaining Your Erections

If you would like to develop the ability to stay erect for longer, then you must practice. This technique works wonders for most men. You can achieve your goal by masturbating and holding your orgasms for longer. By prolonging your orgasms, you increase testosterone levels in a natural way. Furthermore, blood flow to your penis will be significantly improved. For the best possible results, find a private place where you can relax and perform the routine more effectively.

4. Get Sufficient Sleep

When you fail to get quality sleep and your stress levels are constantly high, then you can be sure that your erection quality will be affected. Note that the male hormones that improve sex drive are produced while you sleep. Therefore, failure to get deep, quality sleep that is essential will only cause low production of the vital sex hormones. To boost your testosterone levels, you should get deep sleep regularly. Failure to sleep deeply or failure to control stress levels only leads to disastrous results. Get deep, quality sleep and enjoy more solid erections that last longer.