How To Keep The Spark Alive In a Relationship

How To Keep The Spark Alive In a Relationship

Most people have trouble keeping their romance alive because they have been made to believe that the spark stays on with the right person. The truth is, passion automatically comes when a relationship is still young, although it takes a bit of work afterwards. This should not be viewed as a burden or an injustice. It is a wonderful opportunity for you and your partner to grow and keep the fire alive. Below are some ways to keep the spark alive in a relationship once the honeymoon is over.

1. Have date nights

Most people run busy schedules, but this does not mean that you shouldn’t have late night dates. The majority of people in relationships often become complacent and resort to routines. As a result, the relationship is neglected thus making it less exciting. Remember, dating plays a significant role in any relationship. So, set aside a day each week and rediscover the joy and fun of spending time together.

2. Keep Your Phones Away

Spending time together makes a lot of difference in a relationship. Next time you are on a date with your partner, remember to put your phones down and appreciate the moment you spend together. This additionally makes it easier for the two of you to have a greater connection.

3. Try new and exciting things in the bedroom

If you are beginning to feel like the sex and the romance is becoming more of a routine, then consider spicing things up by trying new things. For instance, you could role-play by dressing up, or explore other forms of pleasure. It is a good idea for you to talk to your partner about some of the things that you find exciting and pleasurable.

4. Be adventurous

To keep the romance alive, try out new things together. Whether it involves traveling to a destination you have never been to before or exploring a new hobby, you will always be keen to do something exciting with your partner.

5. Allocate some time to reconnect with your partner everyday

You can do this every morning or just before you sleep at night. Have a few minutes of deep and uninterrupted conversation. Switch of all your electronics and make eye contact while talking with your partner. The conversation should not necessarily be deep. You can talk about the highlights of your day and the plans you have for the next day. Light-hearted chit-chat always does some wonders. This a great way of staying together and keeping the romance alive in your relationship.

6. Appreciate each other

Show appreciation for partner by expressing your gratefulness verbally. Show your partner that you love him or her by saying it frequently. Showing appreciation through actions and words is a great way of reminding each why you are both in love.

7. Have fun while spending time together

Most importantly, remember to have fun while spending time together with your partner. Goof around, engage in playful tease, hang out with all your friends, and basically enjoy the company of each other as you keep the fire burning in your relationship.