How to Avoid Bathmate Hydromax Counterfeit Products

How to Avoid Bathmate Hydromax Counterfeit Products

The line of Bathmate Hydromax pumps is one of the leading male enhancement products in the market. Furthermore, the steady success and millions of pumps sold by Bathmate is proof enough of the ability of these innovative penis pumps to produce the results desired safely and within the shortest time.

However, like any other successful products that have enjoyed worldwide success, Bathmate has quickly become a victim of its own success. At the moment, there are countless counterfeits that claim to offer the same benefits. So, below we shall discuss and provide useful tips on how to avoid Bathmate Hydromax counterfeit products.

1. Compare the Prices

If you notice that the price offer seems too good to be true, then you should definitely listen to the little voice in your head. You may visit the official Bathmate Hydromax website and compare the asking price of the penis pump you are considering. From the site, you’ll notice that all Bathmate products have prices clearly indicated. If you notice that the variance is quite significant, then you can be sure that you are looking at a fake product. However, you can actually save yourself a lot of hassles by ordering from the official Hydromax site.

2. Examine the Packaging

The packaging alone may be screaming counterfeit. Therefore, if you notice that the packaging is unusually bare, full of misspellings, bad grammar, or has no contact information, the product is certainly fake.

3. Examine the Pump Mechanism

While some people find it difficult to discern the real from the fake, one of the easiest ways is to examine the pump mechanism. The latch valve fitted on the counterfeits come fitted with a metal spring in the valve area. The spring will easily deteriorate due to rusting. It is also a dangerously sharp piece that could easily break and cause you serious injuries. For this reason, you might want to consider the pump mechanism prior to making a purchase.

4. The Counterfeits Have a Low-Quality Plastic Cylinder

If you look at some of the products that claim to be original Bathmate pumps, you are bound to note some obvious imperfections. For instance, there might be some kind of bubbling in the plastic and it might smell more like rubber. The fakes also have a rough texture particularly on the areas that are supposed to have a matte finish.

5. Be Wary of Buying Products Sold On eBay and Amazon

Unfortunately, it is difficult for any potential buyer to guarantee the originality of the Bathmate products popularly sold on eBay and Amazon. Since unscrupulous sellers seek to muddy waters by selling these products on these markets, you are better off buying from the official Hydromax site for your own peace of mind and guaranteed authenticity.

Summary: How to Avoid Bathmate Hydromax Fake/Counterfeit Products

Bathmate has spent a considerable amount of money patenting and copyrighting their products globally. Even so, consumers have a duty to be aware of the risks of counterfeits and avoid them at all costs. It would be difficult for the manufacturer to monitor all the products, meaning some slip through the cracks. If you spot any pump that looks nothing like the original, avoid it and report it for action to be taken.