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To be brutally honest, I am in the middle of pivoting because this site is not doing well. I haven’t generated any Bathmate Hydro pumps sales in these past few months. So, these days I’ve been reading and watching lots of online courses and decide to share it here. I have benefited a lot from these courses (in terms of knowledge) and I hope you are too. I try to categorize them and sort them by alphabets for easier find.


  • DAYGAME: The no-bullshit guide to meeting women in real life and mastering the art of daygame (daygame, seduction, get girls, pick up, game, truedaygame) [Reviews | Download]Β 
    The book is a guide to meeting women in real life and mastering the art of daygame. It contains easy-to-understand tactics and methods to help readers get the woman of their dreams. The book covers the basics of daygame without delving into advanced concepts or inner game aspects. According to a review on Amazon, the book is “not bad” and covers the basic aspects of daygame. Another review on Amazon states that the book is “well written” and contains a lot of words of wisdom.
  • Dirty Talk 101 [Sales Page | Download]
    You’re One Step Away From Whispering All The Nasty Things In Her Ear, That Make Her Go WILD For You, BEG For More, And Even BRAG To Her Girlfriends About You Over Brunch!
  • Exercising The Penis: How To Make Your Most Prized Organ Bigger, Harder and Healthier [Sales Page | Download]Β 
    The book claims that penis exercises can improve erection strength, overcome premature ejaculation, and yield dozens of other benefits. Some reviewers claim that the exercises have worked for them and that they have seen an increase in penis size
  • The Book of Alpha: 30 Rules I Followed to Radically Enhance My Confidence, Charisma, Productivity, Success, and Life [Download]Β 
    The book has received mixed reviews. Some readers found the book to be helpful and inspiring, while others found it to be unhelpful and lacking in substance. One reviewer on Goodreads described the book as “absolute garbage”. Another reviewer on Amazon found the book to be a good purchase and read it in one sitting.
  • The Offline Dating Method: 3 Steps to Attract Your Perfect Partner in the Real World [Reviews | Download]
    The book is well-written, witty, and provides practical advice on how to create meaningful connections with people in everyday places. The book is not just about dating, but also about networking and building relationships in general. The author shares her own experiences and provides actionable tips that are specific and easy to follow.