Does Bathmate Cause Impotence?

Does Bathmate Cause Impotence

Does Bathmate cause impotence? The answer is a resounding no. it is highly unlikely that Bathmate or Hydromate pumps will cause impotence, especially if you use the devices correctly as suggested by the manufacturer. It is important that you allocate rest days from Bathmate and give your penile tissue some time to grow and recover. It is worth noting that your penis will grow during the rest periods and not while training. Just like training in the gym to build muscle, you need to incorporate rest days to allow your muscles to repair and recover from intense workouts. Overtraining will simply ruin any gains you make. So, do not hesitate to take some time off Bathmate. If you are not able to get an erection prior to any Bathmate session, then you should consider taking a break.

Let us get back to our earlier discussion on impotence. However, before we carry on, you should note the 2 major causes of impotence (erectile dysfunction):

1. Physiological – Low Testosterone

2. Psychological – Sexual Anxiety

So, the aforementioned causes are attributable to the rising number of cases of impotence. If you are experiencing erectile dysfunction, then you should consult your doctor, especially if the condition is persistent. It is highly unlikely that Bathmate will cause erectile dysfunction. Even so, you might notice that your penis is a little less sensitive immediately after inserting your penis into the pump.

This depends on the length of time it takes you to complete each session. Other factors that are likely to cause this is the amount of pressure generated and your natural sensitivity. If decreased sensitivity occurs, it will only last a few minutes according to some users.

For most men, including myself, reduced sensitivity that lasts only half an hour post-Bathmate is a plus as it means you will enjoy sex for longer periods, as it actually helps in case you want to last longer and please your partner. If you experience less sensitivity that lasts more than thirty minutes, wait for 2 hours before engaging in sexual intercourse.

Unlike the traditional air pumps, Bathmate is designed to produce maximum pressure. If you use it for the recommended period of time, then you will just be fine. Note that some users have attested to the fact that they have used Bathmate to cure impotence (erectile dysfunction).

As long as the Bathmate pumps are used correctly, no issues can arise. It is additionally important for users of the devices to take breaks in between the Bathmate sessions. If you have always suffered the effects of ED, then you might want to consider using Bathmate to improve the quality of your erections. If you experience some slight dysfunction in your erections, that only lasts half an hour, then you are definitely overtraining.

Does Bathmate cause impotence? Certainly not as the pumps are designed to meet high safety standards. In fact, many users experiencing erectile dysfunction have used the penis pumps to cure their conditions. You can rest assured knowing that Bathmate does not cause impotence. If you read the countless user testimonies all over the web, you will realize that Bathmate is completely safe to use.